allowing love & accepting fear with sound

Presented by Monish Dhawan & amandeepti

A One Day Workshop to learn: The multidimensional language called ‘Love’ & experience it with the help of sound.

Love and Fear are not emotions; they are the language of universe, the one who speaks this language well; succeeds, the one who does not; fails.

Monish Dhawan

Love and Fear both are important, they both serve a purpose, and the lack of understanding of them creates chaos in our lives, while understanding them can guide us in achieving our dreams and resolving all our issues.

Just the way a car needs both a brake and an accelerator, even if one is missing we cannot use the car to its fullest potential, similarly, Love and Fear are both needed in our lives to live a life of our full potential.

In this workshop, you will learn how and where to apply Brakes (Fear) as well as connect more and more to your Accelerator (Love).

When we live our life too much in fear(only apply brake) we feel stuck, on the other hand if we use only love (stamp the accelerator)… we can crash.

In this Workshop You will learn the most basic purpose of both of them and learn how and where to apply each one of them.

You will learn a very simple yet powerful methodology to understand when you are operating from fear (applying brake) and when you are operating from love (Accelerator).

You will learn how to Identify your dominant path of wasting energy due to which you feel physically, mentally, emotionally tired and how to correct it.

You will learn which is the hidden fear in your life that is sabotaging your life and how to turn it around.

You will learn about your 7 most basic fears, how to use your body, mind, or actions to identify them, as well as apply their opposite vibrations to correct them.


During the Workshop Aman & Deepti will use the Magic of Sound to help you release your fears and experience highest expression of love.

You will learn about the power of sound and first handedly experience its magic to help you come back in harmony with yourself.

join us to learn in-depth about the multidimensional language of ‘Love’ and experience it with the magical sound of Tibetan singing bowls.

Come Learn the art of Allowing Love and Accepting Fear with Sound.


who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for any one looking forward to connect to their inner self and understand their inner guidance much more clearly, Couple’s looking for ways to improve their inter personal relationship.

This workshop will help people immensely, who are going through, Stress, Extreme pressure in life, Depression, Anxiety, experiencing low self confidence, or suffering with any kind of disease and looking for ways to heal it by themselves.

The Greatest healer is within us and knows how to heal us, if only we learn the language it is communicating to us in. This Workshop is designed to help you understand it’s language so that you can go back home empowered with tools that you can use in your daily life.


About Sound Healing:

Tibetan singing Bowls are created through an exacting and delicate combination of seven sacred metals. They are hand hammered to create a vibration frequency resonating to the frequency of the divine Sound ‘OM”, which makes them highly therapeutic.

The sound waves spread in concentric circles through the blood, flesh, organs and bones, relaxing, harmonizing and energizing them. The rhythmic sound of the singing bowls has a profound healing effect on our nervous system which is in continuous communication with each cell of our body.

The vibrations are very soothing yet penetrating enough to reach the bone marrow. The combination of the sound vibration perceived through the ear as well the flesh of the body has a deep healing effect on the body, mind & soul.

Benefits of Sound Therapy

Aura Cleansing

Inner wellness

Self Confidence

Stress Release

Increase in Immunity

Increase in Work Productivity

Increased Focus

Reduction in pains

Unblocking & clearing the Emotional traumas stored in our Subconscious

Chakra Balancing

Deeper & profound Sleep

Synchronizes right & left hemispheres of the brain

Increases learning ability

Relief from headache, fatigue, insomnia, menstrual difficulties

Relief from digestive disorders, joint & muscle pains.



About the Presenters:


deepti lalwani

Deepti is our guardian angel, who soars to many heights of bliss but at the same time, is firmly grounded. And she keeps the rest of us on ground too, always!!

She is a post graduate in Business Administration & practitioner of various alternative healing and self discovery tools likes Rebirthing- Breathwork, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing & Sound Therapy.

She was introduced to the path of self discovery by her father in her childhood, and then she went on to learn Reiki in 1996. Thereafter, she explored several alternative healing practices and there has been no looking back.

She has been trained in Pranic Healing (from Pranic Healing Foundation, Jaipur), Past Life Regression, Rebirthing Breathwork and Inner Child Healing by Dr Newton Kondaveti & Dr Lakshmi of Life Research Academy, Hyderabad. She has directly been trained in Rebirthing Breathwork by the father of Rebirthing Leonard Orr of USA. She is also a trained facilitator in Osho No Mind Therapy from Leela Itzler, UK. Recently, she has also added Tarot and Access Consciousness to her repertoire and has helped many to empower themselves.

She is so excited to present Allowing Love and accepting fear with sound to all of you.

Amandeep choudhary

Aman is our man of ideas and at the same time our trustworthy friend who helps us critique our ideas very lovingly!

He is an Agricultural Scientist by profession; his quest for self-discovery led him on the path of meditation through his beloved Master. He was introduced to meditation right in school when he was studying in class 10th. Along the journey, he has also attended seminars and workshops by Shiv Khera, Dale Carnegie and Vijay Batra.

He is a trained Sound Healing Therapist from International Academy of Sound Healing (IASH). He likes to conduct workshops on Tao Breathing techniques to channelize life energy in the body and mind.

Allowing Love and accepting fear with sound is one of his most favorite workshop.

He enjoys playing the flute and creating harmony with music, both within and around him!!

monish dhawan

Monish is an Author, Meditation Teacher and professionally practices many alternative healing practices like Past Life Regression, Inner Child, Re-Birthing Breathwork, Family Constellation and Ho’opnopono. he is the founder of Peaceful Earth Foundation and practices Forex Trading in his spare time.

He has taught thousands in Meditation, and has helped hundreds heal themselves using all the above healing modalities, He Loves to travel and has travelled over 12 Countries to teach meditation, take personal sessions as well as workshops on various topics.

He is in the process of writing a book on the topic of this workshop: Allowing Love and accepting fear with sound.

He Believes that we create our own reality and lives his belief. His Mission in life is to Spread the message of World Peace and Create a Peaceful Earth by helping people connect to their hearts and live from there. His target is to reach out to 70 Million people in his Lifetime with this message.

This Workshop was the one of the best experiences of my life. I enjoyed it very well. Many doubts about my present life were cleared and I got direction for my future. I m on the way of implementing what I learnt. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas and making my mind clear.

  • Kamal.V, Businessman,
  • Jaipur

I always like ur sessions, Every time when I come I feel something different, and honestly speaking the session u gave on love and fear was very logical and now I am trying to implement those things and it is working too, and the sound sessions are always my favorite, they really work for me.



Rachna, Businesswoman, Delhi

The workshop was awesome, learnt many valuable things, is wrkshop me ek favorite part nai Tha, har part he bahut he khoobsurat tareekhe se samjhaya gaya Tha, aur har part me mujhe mere problems ke solutions mile, so for me every part was my favorite, awesome monish. Thank u so much will surely suggest my family n friends, great job keep going.

  • Mansi, Teacher, Jaipur