Past Life – why?

This is the Most Common question I get asked, as soon as I introduce myself as a PLR Practitioner or a Past Life Therapy Expert.

and the answer is no, there is no need to get a regression done… just the way you wouldn’t buy a medicine for fun similarly you would not need a Past Life Therapy.

Having said that … I do get clients who come to me for a Past Life Therapy, just because they are curious, not for fun … but curiosity, there is a reason for that, will share with you in a while.

So the real question is not: what is the need for Past Life Therapy, but… when would I need it or which areas of my life can it help me in? Now that’s an even better question.

The answer to that is… Past Life Therapy can help you resolve the following issues.

It can help you resolve health issues: I have had clients where doctors have told them, they cannot help them any more, or that there is just no hope left for them and someone told them why don’t you try Past Life Therapy? and suggested them my name, and when we did the session they realize that the Dis-ease existed in their body because they haven’t forgiven some one, or is carrying a grudge on some one, many a times in the present life itself, but they had become so ignorant about it that they had convinced them selves that holding on to that grudge or not forgiving that person was the right thing to do.

Some people carry grudges from Past lives as well and have similar dis-ease experiences as well.

Relationship Issues: I once had a client whose concern was not able to get married, by the time she reached me 2 of her engagements had got broken for no specific reason, she was good looking,in her prime, very healthy, belonged to a affluent family, willing to give good enough dowry but still for some strange reason the engagements were being broken just a few days before marriage.

Now when you have such a strange problem where do you go? someone told her, go talk to Monish he might be able to help you, and she came to me, I suggested Past Life Therapy, to find the Root Cause of her problem, it took us three sessions to get to the root cause, but once we did, we discovered a very strange reason for her not getting married, her core belief that she was carrying from one of her past lives was ” I am not beautiful ” .

In this life she did not have any such ideas consciously, but this is something she was carrying from her Past Life, let me remind you she was good looking girl. The good news is, once she was able to figure out what was the core issue and resolve it with the help of PLR, she was very much relieved and six months later invited me to her wedding. now you must be thinking did it work out ? if I am writing about it… Yes … the answer is yes she did get married.

Past Life Regression (PLR) or Past Life Therapy can also be used to resolve other Issues like : Financial Problems, anxiety issues, Depression, Insomnia, Fears and Phobias… I will write in detail about them in my next article.

This is what I always tell my clients and people I meet, Life is your Feedback System, it will always only show you what You truly are inside.

Thereby if anything is troubling you, make sure to check out what is the thought you might be carrying about it. many a times you can figure out what the real thought is in your meditations it self, many a times your dreams give you the guidance, but because we never consider these resources to be powerful, mostly because trusting our own selves is one of the most difficult things in our lives, there by we seek external help, which is okay too, buy all external help should only lead to us learning to trust our inner guidance for it has all the answers we need.

So if you have anything troubling your Life these days, before going to sleep do this: Close your eyes and think about the problem that is pressing upon you in those days, then say to your self or any higher power you believe in, Please send me a Dream Message, in the Message send me guidance or help me resolve this issue, and go to sleep, after you wake up the next morning, before your open your eyes, try and recall your dreams, try not to shake your body so much, and you will be able to recall your dream.

I have found that it takes not more than three days of persistence to get the answer we are looking for or to resolve an issue.

Try it and let me know how it went for you. my email ID is md (at)

Now you might be wondering I never answered why people are curious to see their Past Lives… The answer to that is, many a times we have an issue we are considering trivial or simply ignoring or living in denial of that, but its an important issue to be resolved, this is understood by your super computer also known as your Sub-conscious mind, there by it gives you ideas of curiosity, like making you attracted to books on PLR or reading articles about it and stuff, and one day you say to yourself, let me see and you goto a Past Life Regression Practitioner, and guess what … you suddenly become aware of that issue and get help to resolve it.

And some times the Curiosity is just to have an experience of your Past Life as a part of your spiritual growth, it is rare but it happens.

If you found this article helpful please share it with your friends who you think might need it. and if you like to reach me you can always email me here: md (at) moishdhawan (dot)com.


Disclaimer: All Therapies mentioned on this website do not replace the need of your doctor, if you have any physical health issues or Mental health issues do seek Medical Guidance first.

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  1. This is a very wonderfully written article! I agree, past life therapy has the strong potential to help heal the physical ailments of this lifetimes by finding it’s past life root and resolving such karma. Making a conscious effort really does make all the difference. Keep up the good work my friend!

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