Today I Visited a War Remnant Museum in Vietnam… It was a Divine providence that I ended up being there unplanned (normally I am never interested in death and war and avoid it like a plague) but it happened so due to a new friend I made here that I ended up going there… Going through the Images of people / Army Personnel and common people, their plight, it was heart wrenching, just trying to Imagine for a second putting myself in their shoes… Ohhhh the pain is unthinkable.

I wondered what goes through a man’s mind when they go down to such levels to deny the human being on the other side to be considered even close to a human just because your country has labeled them “The Enemy”.

Are we all not made by the same divine being? Are we all not capable of loving each other as much as we are capable to hate each other? Then why do we choose hate over love? 

The Chemical Bomb
The After Effects of War

I am now reminded of the Wise words… “The world suffers a lot. Not because the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of the good people. ”

Today I completely understand this statement, because I have worked for World Peace for many years (On and Off) … I have always approached it from an Idea of living in a better place than the world we live in today… But my conviction towards working on it was that of a comfort … Not of a necessity… for I have never had a first hand experience of war… And I am so very grateful for it… Having said that… I can feel the pain of the people going through war… Even today as I write this article … More than ever… And I Urge You to please for a few years let’s say the next Decade or so … Let us all put our energies together to Create Permanent Peace on Earth… If you are thinking “I would like to but don’t know how”… 

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Monish Dhawan.