Thought comes first or Emotion?

This question might come as a surprise to a lot of people… some might even say what’s the difference?

Scientifically speaking: thought has an electro magnetic current also know as EEG and originates in your brain, where as emotions have an electro magnetic current that originate in your heart known as EKG these impulses are 5000 times stronger than the impulses in your brain.

Having said that, the question arises… how does it affect my life?

Let me ask you a few questions:

  1. Do you want to get rich?
  2. Do you want to loose those extra pounds?
  3. Do you want to become healthy?
  4. Do you want to have better relationships?
  5. Do you want to get good grades in you school / college?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the above question… then let me ask you… do you have it?

If your answer is ‘No’ to the above question then read on…

The difference could be that you are living more from your head and not from your heart…

Let me share with you a formula on how we all create the results we want in life:

Thoughts Lead to Emotions, Emotions Lead to Actions, actions create Results

Thoughts are like the front seat of your car… where you have your Steering wheel, your accelerator, break, gears, everything… you can sit on that seat and do all the actions… but the car (your life) will never move… reason … You Do Not have Petrol (Emotions) in your car.

You might have heard of this very famous Quote by Lao Tzu: The Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single Step … Now if you take the literal meaning of it … you might say he is talking about Action … but if you go to the deeper meaning of that Quotation… he is suggesting that single step is from your head to your heart… when you take that one step… it urges to you go all the 1000 miles…

Now before we go into the action of going to the petrol bunk and fill ourselves with Petrol (emotions) because we are so eager to get our results let me warn you… there are 2 kinds of Emotions…

  1. That will help your car move in the direction of your choice…
  2. The other that will make you feel stuck…

Knowing this difference is as important as knowing whether your car runs on petrol or diesel, because if your car runs on petrol … and you fill it up with diesel… what will happen to you? You will end up in: Debt, over weight, under weight, hospital, divorce, failure etc,. Get the Drift?

So what are these 2 Emotions?

Popularly they are known as Love & Fear, yes … not Love and Hatred … but Love and Fear.

All the sages, all the religions are in reality trying to teach us this one thing… how to live from Love and not Fear and now finally even the scientific community is coming out and accepting the fact that the real BIG problems in the world are not Hunger, poverty, wars or terrorism but Human Greed, Jealousy, Anger and Ego… the former are the outcome of the later.

The real problem is; people are living from fear most of the time and not from love…

Those who have mastered living from love… have the money of their choice, have the health of their choice, relationships, good grades or a good job…

Now you might say … but not everyone has everything … some people have money but suck in relationships… some have good relationships but suck at money, some have both but don’t have good health… or vice versa…

The answer is… because they have mastered the art of living from love unconsciously and know how to speak it only in one direction of their life and have no clue on the basic principles of Love and Fear.

for a moment think of ‘Love and Fear’ as a Language…

Imagine you are a businessman and can speak only Hindi, and you end up in Russia for business where they speak only Russian, will you be able to make the best of the opportunity if you continue to speak in Hindi in Russia? The answer is a big NO…

So every day you go to the market speak in Hindi … no one understands you, you come back to your hotel at night asking the question why does no one understand me? How many days of repeating this pattern do you think you will get the result you are looking for ? the answer is Never…

Now, how will you get results? By changing your behavior… you can do one of the two things

  1. Hire a translator (find a mentor) achieves short term results
  2. Learn the language (become your own mentor) improves your life forever

A lot of people take the step no 1… they go to a guru… which is not bad… it is good it is needed in that moment… but the problem arises when they start depending on that Guru… for answers … pay attention … not for guidance … but for answers all the time.

But instead if you would learn the language while your interactions with your mentor or guru, you will end up learning the language yourself… now that’s transformational.

Because once you learn the principles of the language called love and fear, you can use them both to your advantage and get unstuck from your life’s problems. Yes… we can use both… Love and Fear to our advantage…

So let me share with you a few principles of the language of Love and Fear

  • Love and Fear are not just Emotions … they are a language you use to speak with the universe and more importantly also the language universe / god / your heart uses to speak with you… also know as your inner guidance system, so knowing the language will make you better at listening as well.


  • Love and Fear are not just Emotions … They are a Spectrum of Emotions … or a Vibration of Emotions that cover a variety of emotions in them, for example Love contains happiness, joy, peace, calm etc inside itself and fear contains anger, despair, jealousy, guilt, shame etc in itself.


  • Just like with a language you can speak and listen you can speak and listen to these emotions as well.


  • Love always feels lighter and Fear always feels Heavier.


  • Being in Love Vibration opens up your receiving… what many people call as luck, being in fear closes up your receiving… what people call as being unlucky…



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