The Law Of Love is the Ancient Law of Universe that Governs all the aspects of human relationships, however in the modern world no one has a faintest clue about the existence of such a law, The Shamans were very well aware of this law, if understood correctly this law can also help resolve issues arising in an organization, any how for the scope of this article we will stick to Human Relationships.
This Law of Love Dictates the flow of every relationship in a family or otherwise

According to the “Law of Love”

“Love flows from above to below” 
From The “Source to Ancestors…from Ancestors to grand parents ….from grand parents to parents …from parents to children and so on … 
“everything that is hidden will be brought to light”
when people have a person in the family with mental illness (or some disability) and those people are kept hidden inside the house or sent away to and asylum in some corner of the house or world so no one in the outside world knows about them, in such cases people in the next generation take it up on themselves to bring this “un-acknowledgement” in to light.
“everything / everyone who is abandoned/ excluded will be included”
In families if someone is abandoned for what ever reason, someone from the next generation becomes exactly like that “abandoned” person… so that, that which is “abandoned” gets included.

Understanding the Law of Love

In a family if a child(adult child) starts considering themselves the head of the family just because they are the bread earners they obstruct the flow of love happening from their parents to them… this obstructions creates a lack of love which they are supposed to receive from their parents… this lack of love from fathers’ side can be manifested in lack of money or lack of work opportunities or success (in a very broad sense) or issues/dis-eases in the right side of the physical body.
If the same lack of love happens from the mothers’ side due to ego or disconnection for any other reason … this lack of love is experienced or manifests itself in the form of lack of love life or absence of a partner or lack of emotional stability , lack of joy in life , or issues/dis-eases on the left side of your physical body.
To correct the flow of love one needs to understand the following: 
1. Parents have Given you a Gift of life (this Gift in itself is such a huge favor to you they need not do anything else to show their love to you)  it seems very hard-hitting but this is what this love dictates, which basically means just because they have given you birth they are in no way obligated to feed you or take care of you, they are in no way obligated to love you or provide for you, if they end up doing it, that’s just more of their love you can be grateful for to be receiving it… 
2. It is the need for a child to be loved by their parents, but it is not the responsibility of the parent to love their child… but if they still do, all the child needs to do is acknowledge it and be grateful for it. (the moment a child feels it’s his birth right to be loved and they have to be loved by their parents no matter what, the disconnection process has begun, this not only hurts the child it hurts the parents as well, however the side effects of this expectation can hurt the child in a much more damaging way than it would hurt the parents… generally speaking (there by having expectations from parents does not resolve any issue, blaming them for not providing or not being there, or having ideas like I wanted to be loved this way or accepted that way will never resolve any of your issues) 

3. There is nothing you can do to or for your parents that can ever repay the debt they have given you by giving you the Gift of life, this same rule applies to your teacher/guru as well. (for what ever capacity with which you give them back to them is in the first place given to you by them, by giving you the gift of life) 
4. similarly at any point in life a child must only receive love from their parents and in no way try to give love to their parents, it does not mean you don’t love them back, but there is a way to do that: Receiving / accepting the love of your parents the way they express it to you with love and gratitude is the way you can love them and you can love them by holding your place as their child, if your parents are sick / old and need care, you need to take care of your parents from holding your place as a child, never try to become their parent, or spouse… just because you are taking care of them either physical help, monetary assistance, providing them food , shelter or in any other way, one needs to do all of these from holding the place as a child to their parents.(remember love flows from them to you not vice versa, so no matter what their positing is physically rt now, they are still an abundant source of love for you (energetically speaking) and disconnecting from this source can actually end up making you sick in the long run, and remember no matter what you do, you cannot repay them, for what they have given you… the gift of your life)
5. everyone in the family has their own specific place in relationship to everyone else, and that place cannot be replaced by anyone else in the same family or other wise, if this order is not followed even then families find it difficult to stick together. 
Example: the place of the elder sibling cannot be taken over by the younger sibling just because he or she is able to earn more or provide for the family, the younger sibling needs to do everything holding their rightful place as a younger sibling and not try to become the father of the family just because he/she is taking care of the family in one way or the other.
Similarly one needs to understand that no one can take the place of anyone who has passed away, it can be a father or a mother who passed away or it can be a still-born child, meaning the elder son or daughter cannot replace the place of the father or the mother who passed away, even if they are taking care of the family and fulfilling the responsibilities of the family… they need to do it from the place they hold that is as the elder or younger child of the family with humility, and acknowledging the absence of the one passed away.
same rule applies when a person who got married second time, they need to recognize the passing away of the first wife and mother of their children, and not replace her with the second wife, the second wife needs to accept that she is the second wife and a step mother, and acknowledge the absence of the first wife/mother for her children, failing to do so or trying to replace the mother, will create a very strained/superficial relationship between the (second)mother and the children and similarly the husband and wife relationship will not be fulfilling either… 
Similarly if a couple has the first-born as a still child or aborted or miscarriage the next born child who survives does not become the first-born, the mother and father need to acknowledge the absence of the first-born and there by the one born next who survives will hold the space of 2nd born or 4th born or 16th born (what ever is their number) this acknowledgement gives a lot of strength to the child who survives,in doing so the child will now have so many elder siblings to take care of them from the spirit world(energetically sending a lot of love), the lack of this acknowledgement creates suicidal tendencies in the child which can be triggered at any weak point in their lives, these suicidal tendencies are subconsciously carried as a deep desire to join their soul family (siblings) on the other side.

Correcting the Flow of “The Law of Love” in any Relationship

The First Step is Acknowledging/Recognizing 
Acknowledge the ones who have passed away by keeping their photo in the house, remembering them on their Birth anniversaries/death anniversaries, keep them in your prayers, give Gratitude to them when ever possible… pray to them to look upon you with love and say to them :I will join you on the other side when it is my time not a moment before or later
If it’s an aborted child/miscarriage/ still-born child, connect to them in Meditation and let them know that they are missed, say to them: We miss you, We are sorry for we were not ready for your as yet, it hurts us very much and we wish you well… please look up on us with love, I will join you on the other side when its my time not a moment before or later…
If your parents are alive you can do just the “healing words” part with them in person, it is very rewarding connecting back with our parents physically…
If you had/have a strained relationship with your parent(s) and they have passed away or alive but physically at a distance you can do the following Meditation:
Sit in Meditation, relax your self, take 3 deep breaths and allow your mind to come to a calm place, keep observing your breath till you reach a calm place in your mind, this might take a few minutes, take as long as required… 
once you reach that calm place in your mind, Now Imagine your self in a place that you love the most, it can be a mountain, a riverside , a sea-shore, a garden , a forest, an imaginary place or a place you have been to sometime earlier in this life, as you connect to this place, Invite your Guide, your guide can come in any form, as an Animal, as light, as your guru, an angel once they arrive to this place, thank them for being there for you and ask them to look over the meeting(s) that are about to take place in this safe space that you are in now, and take permission from them to start the process, as you receive the permission…
Invite your Parent (the one you had strained relationship with) if you had it with both parents, Invite your mom first and then your dad… 
Healing Words:
as your Parent arrives let them know how you truly feel now for what had happened, and say to them anything and everything that you ever wanted to say but couldn’t for one reason or the other… after that … kneel in front of you parent standing in front of you and say the following healing sentences:
You are Big … I am Small,
You Give … I Receive,
you are my father/mother … I am your son/daughter,
I love you as my mother/father,
I let go of any other place I might be holding in our family knowingly or unknowingly and take back my rightful place as your (first/second/third…) son/daughter,
what ever was between you and father/mother is yours to keep,
I receive your love and only your love nothing else as your son/daughter,
now get up taking the help of your parent and hug them (energetically)
once this is done with your mother now you can Invite your father and do the above process again.
Once you complete the above process, Imagine your Father/mother or both standing behind you with their hands on your shoulders and supporting you, and Imagine all the generations before them standing behind them till the Source, supporting your through them, Give thanks to all your ancestors for being there for you while leaning on your parents and resting with their support.
Closing and coming back: once you are done, say to your Parent(s) I set you (all) free now , Imagine them becoming light and going back to their source, and then Thank your Guiding Master for being there and supporting you in the process and say to them I set you free now, thank you, then Imagine yourself being covered in light, this is a protective light that safe guards you, take 3 deep breaths and come back in to your body now, slowly shake your legs, hands, put your palms on your eyes for a few seconds, then removing your palms from your eyes… slowly open your eyes.
Hope this Helps 🙂 
All the best 

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