Physical Immortality the moment you hear those words… probably the first thought that comes to your mind is: Impossible… or may be … Science is working on it… may be in the near future… we also hear that some billionaires are spending their fortune to make it happen for themselves… and some people believe that the soul is immortal so why worry about being physically immortal? 

when ever I try to bring up this topic among people I meet… sometimes complete strangers and some times known friends … one of the most common answer I get is … “Oh I want to live max till 70 then die” for some the number is even 50… for according to them if you are going to be physically Immortal then they are going to continually grow old as shown in many popular news papers about people who have lived beyond 100 usually are the most wrinkled persons on earth and who would like to have so many wrinkles? 

Many people have heard about physical Immortals in different parts of the world … but then they simply give away the Idea … oh that is possible only for great souls… and go on living a life that will lead to eventual death…

But wait a minute… What if everything you knew about Physical Immortality was wrong? What if Physical Immortality meant you can live young forever? or for as long as you wish to? if that is too long a stretch for you… what if you could live a very healthy life till you were 80 or 100? you could maintain the same level of vitality and vigor as you do in your 20′ or 30’s and maintain it life long?  would that interest you? if so stay on this page and continue to read 🙂 


Before we go a little further… there are 2 questions I would like to answer 

  1. If you are wondering that I am going to try and sell you a magic pill or anything else at the end of this article … well you can scroll down now and see there is nothing for sale here 
  2. If you are wondering what authority I have over this subject … then here are my little achievements …1. Since my childhood I have been a very sick child … If I didn’t visit a doctor in 3 months … it would be a great achievement for me … and today … I am Happy to say that I have learned to heal myself without medicine and have been off drugs for more than 15 years now, In all honesty I did visit a doctor 2 times in last 15 years when I had to learn a few lessons, one of the lesson was … it is okay, to go to a Doctor if you really need one… and the other one was to realize that sometimes fear can give you more pain than the actual illness can… any ways coming back2. I have been researching on this topic of Physical Immortality and have read some books talking about the same, as well as I was lucky enough to meet a person who has himself met more than 9 Physical Immortals living on earth … more about him later…3. I have realized that knowing about something and actually practicing them are 2 different stories … but at the same time you can never practice some thing until you know about it… so knowing is the first and very important step.

So here is what I understand about Physical Immortality: 

  1. It is Very much Possible and there are 100’s of physical immortals if not thousands living on this planet earth today as you are reading this article.
  2. It is not something that needs a lot of medical research (the way it is being done these days) to invent a pill or organ replacement kind of nonsense (for physical immortality) 
  3. It is not something that is to be limited to Yogi’s or so called God Men Only… 

In fact it is something everyone of us can and should look forward to…

The moment I say that – some people go… “but if every one is Physically Immortal then what about the finite resources that we have on planet earth?” This question comes from the lack of understanding about Physical Immortality or what we can call is half knowledge… even before one explores the full possibility of something … one starts questioning … because … it is very fearful … the very concept of physical immortality shakes your fundamental belief structures, stories you have been so closely guarding, every thing shakes and the deeper we go into the research … all those beliefs can crumble… but what if that was the first step to Physical Immortality… 

One of my friends … who is also on the path of Physical Immortality once said to me when I asked … but why do people Die? the answer he gave was … Because Dying is Easy… I can’t agree more with this statement… because questioning is easy … staying in your painful comfort zone is easy… it is easier to blame and die than to take complete responsibility of ones life and live for as long as you want… 

So why are we so against living? forget about living forever… we are against living itself… but why? 

some of the answers I am able to understand are 

  1. Death is Great Business … Yes the 3 Largest Businesses in the world revolve around death… 1. Wars / Military 2. Medicine (Allopathy in particular) 3. Insurance… all of them revolve around death. 
  2. staying stuck … staying in routine … is easier than doing something new or living without a schedule… and if we have studied any scriptures of the world … they all say … change is Growth… Growth is life… meaning change is life. Here is a question for you … can you live 10 days of your life without pre-planning it ? and yet doing something new every day? there is one of the Secrets of Physical Immortality… “Do Something New Every Day”… This one thing can keep you Alive… Living … Thriving … for the rest of your life… (Try practicing it) I know a person… she put on herself a challenge of giving 365 days so she decided to give something to some one every day some one new… something new… when I met her she was close to more than 30 days of this practice … and then I met her after 45 days or so of her practice … and her glow was continuing to grow… I am not sure if she knows that if she continues to do so all her life … she will end up living for ever… but if she does not know about the possibility of Physical immortality … she will end up dying … why ? because of her belief in Death… remember you cannot do something until you know about it first… 
  3. The belief that Death is Natural… all trees and animals die… it’s all a cycle… but then isn’t human being ‘suppose to be a superior race’? or are we self proclaimed superior beings? There are many trees which are living beyond 500 years some even 1000’s of years, turtles live 300-500 years, some snakes are believed to live well over 1000 years, then why is human dying at meagerly 80? if we are not superior … at least we should be able to live equal or close to our animal brothers and sisters? not because our bodies are in capable… no they are not … the latest research shows that our whole body renews itself every year, we get new including bones that take the longest to renew … which is close to a year… but then why do we Die? it’s not our bodies … but our minds … that is the cause of our death… Like its said … Body is nothing more than a slave of the mind… so if your mind is pro death … then your body simply follows the order… 
  4. here are a few examples for you to check if you are living a Pro Death Mindset… (Many many questions will rise here… this is your litmus test… this can be a painful list to go through … but it is very useful list … for it will also help us become more pro life) so here goes: Answer in a Yes or No… the more Yes’es you get the more Pro Death you are… 
    1. Do you eat dead animals? (includes eggs, seafood, chicken, sheep etc,.)
    2. Do you smoke? (regular or irregular does not matter)
    3. Do you Drink Alcohol? (small quantities or large does not matter, beer and wine counts too)
    4. Do you hate your work?
    5. Do you have any Dis-Ease? or are you on any kind of a chronic medicine?
    6. Do you attract accidents? (it may sound weird but people who are pro death attract accidents) because in life there are no accidents.(I might be required to write a completely new article just to explain this concept) any ways moving on…
    7. Do you love junk food?
    8. Do you eat packaged food regularly? (biscuits, chips, chocolates etc, anything packed counts or anything with a self life more than 7 days counts)
    9. Are you in a bad relationship(s)? (as in involved in regular serious fights)
    10. Do you like/love horror films?
    11. Do you have Suicidal Thoughts?
    12. Have you stopped dreaming for a better life?
    13. Do you have Stress in life? 

Now you might say … but most of our society / cities / countries live like this… why do you think I say that we live in a Pro-Death World?

Now in the first glance … especially those who have answered ‘yes’ to more than 90% of the above questions, I have news for you… and it is good news… and the good news is … that you now know that you are living a pro death life… which means you can turn this around … because now you know… if you are wondering HOW? then that’s a wonderful mind you have … keep reading and we will get there… but if you are thinking … man that’s a lot of bad habits and pro death-ness … and I can’t possibly heal my self … still you have a better mind … because somewhere you do believe in the possibility of healing yourself, meaning with enough information you can reverse everything above and heal yourself and live as long as you please, and if you think … this is all nonsense … sorry my friend … you have a closed mind … and the only answer or the only wakeup call for closed minds is death, hopefully in your next life you will have an open mind. 

to simplify the concept further let’s understand some thing … we can live a life only in 2 ways 

  1. Pro-Death 
  2. Pro-Life 

When a Person lives a life pro-death we say… that person is having a strong unconscious death urge… similarly when a person lives a life pro life … they have what we call as high life urge.

there are two kinds of death urge 1. un-conscious death urge and 2.conscious death urge similarly there are 2 kinds of Life urges: 1. unconscious Life urge and 2. conscious life urge

or we can say … we start our life with unconscious life urge, then we grow up in to un-conscious death urge and reach death some people transit from un-conscious death urge to conscious death urge and then die, the trick how ever is if we can transit from where ever we are to conscious life urge. because even people with un-conscious life urge end up dying. 

for example almost every child is born with high un-conscious Life Urge, but slowly growing up, we all grow up in to un-conscious death urge, as we accept death as a natural phenomenon, without ever questioning it, from that non questioning of death, takes birth of un-conscious death urge, a belief is set into motion within our selves that, I am going to grow old and die some day, after a certain age, every birthday celebration seems to kind of become a … I am getting close to my death day … celebration… so many people across the world feel depressed on their birthday.

wondering what is the difference between unconscious death urge and conscious death urge? wondering why would some one consciously want to die? 

A lot of people make their un-conscious death urge conscious the moment they get tired of living, it is not that they are in capable of living, it’s just they are too tired to live any more, and the sad part is this has started to happen to people in their 30’s and 40’s these days, but why are they tired, most of the times it boils down to 2 things 

  1. the illusion that they have no other choice
  2. lack of knowledge that they can turn everything around and live as long as they wish to.

Because as far as I understand no body whose life is going the way he dreams it to be and has the knowledge that he/she can live for as long and as healthy as they want… will ever die.

So How do we turn our Death Urge in to Conscious Life Urge? 

Step one is Purify your diet: do not eat, drink or smoke death… Do your Research, there is a chapter dedicated to Physical Immortality in a book by linda goodman – Star Signs … read that chapter… create a 3 year or a 5 year plan to purify your diet… slowly but surely take steps in the right direction. 

Understand the importance of your beliefs in keeping you alive and break every belief that says death is natural in one way or the other.

Read Books that talk about Physically Immortality, that will help you improve your Belief structure, some books I recommend are : The Life and Teaching of the masters of the Far East by T.Spalding (set of 6 books) , The Ringing Cedars Series by Anastasia (set of 9 books), Ageless body Timeless mind by Deepak Chopra, Overcoming The Seven Inhibitors to Bliss by pauline win, Read All books by Leonard orr available at , Autobiography of a Yogi by Parmahamsa Yogananda, All books by Jasmuheen,

Learn to Breathe Correctly, check out these Sites – , 

Just so that you know, I know these people but I am not getting paid in any way from them, I share their names because they are the best in this field as far as I know.

and no matter what you need reversed they can help you do so. and if you are in India you can contact me as well.

moving on… 

If you hate your work: you can have 2 choices to turn things around

  1. Stop your current work and start doing something you love
  2. find ways of accepting your life and invent ways to loving your job, basically find meaning in what you do.

If you have any kind of addiction and really want to De-Addict your self then check out the website , this site contains proven ways of using Vitamins to heal any Dis-Ease or addictions.

If you love junk food or processed food and are not able to let go of them … understand that you have too many toxins in your body which have kind of attract / addict you to such foods even more, try fasting, or get a Panchakarma Treatment from a qualified Ayurvedic Doctor. for details on fasting your can check out a website:

If you like Horror films or have suicidal thoughts, Try spending time in nature, be it a forest, or a sea shore, mountains or a garden, try spending un disturbed time in one of these places for a minimum of 3 – 7 days, this should help you get back to your true self, kind of re connect you to you.

If you are too tired of dreaming a better life or too stressed … Try Resting… Yes … True resting for a minimum of 7 days … sleep for as long as you want… no phones or computers or Televisions, or meeting people, or partying … go to a place close to nature and just get bored and rest… this will help you reset. 

You can never solve a problem from the same level of thinking from which you created it – Einstein

The more your Increase your Life Urge … the closer you are going to get to Good Health and with Good Health and healthy living practices you will get closer to the Idea of Physical Immortality, and by feeding your mind with the Idea of Physical Immortality by reading the books mentioned above and creating a community of people who want Physical Immortality too, we will be able to achieve it. 

I for sure want to live for 300+ Years… How about you?

Let me know in the comments section below and if you are genuinely interested in becoming Physically Immortal email me so we can create a community, and I can help you connect with Communities already probable existing in your country / city.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me using the comments section below and I will try and answer them. 




when looking at these two words you might think, whats the difference both of these words mean the same thing : Motivation | Inspiration.

The answer is NO, they both are not the same thing and definitely do not mean the same thing either. In essence they both work from a very different energy and feel very different as well.


Motivation is what we get, or buy from the outside world, it is more like a desire, we have to give ourselves reasons or reminders to stay motivated, we have to keep remembering what motivated us, the story we chose to believe, it is filled with effort.

The path of motivation is filled with struggle, stress, effort, in one way or the other, you need to put a lot of energy in order to stay motivated, so that you do not feel the brunt of it, and at every mistake you make there is a lot of despair, many a times accompanied by a lot of guilt and shame on our part, or the feeling of… not being good enough because you are not able to do it as someone else.

Because motivation is basically being a copycat, you look at some Idea, something someone is doing and is very successful at doing it, so you think to yourself, if I do it, I will be successful too, and then you start doing it, every time you are faced with a road block, you turn to books, or to observe that person what did he do in a situation like this, why is this ? because the Origin of a motivation is from the mind, it will have all the characteristics of mind only, it can do no better. Mind always seeks answers outside of you.

Because mind basically functions from fear, and the focus point of fear is always outside, the moment the focus point of mind turns inside that is when it converts into Love, and Love is what Inspiration is because the focus of energy in Love is Inside.

In motivation the end goal is the most important thing, the means to reach it does not really matter, which means the journey does not matter, only the end goal does, this is the reason there is so much stress in the world, parents are not worried what their kid is going though on a daily basis, all they are interested in is the report card, that comes at the end of the year, how many marks did you get? this fills the life of a kid with stress, we kill their inspiration, they were born with.


And those children who get used to this mindset, grow up and get into jobs, jobs that pay you high, whether its something that interests you or not, so in childhood you studied for marks and now you are working for the paycheck at the end of the month.

There are a few lucky ones in here as well, those who studied because they loved it, and those who are working in the job they Love to do, if you look at them, they are not stressed, but they are not motivated either, they work from a different energy, that’s ‘Inspiration’.


Inspiration, is what I like to call as in-spirit-action, it comes from your heart, there is no learning required in inspiration, all that is required is the courage to follow the instructions that come to you as and when they do. Learning happens on the way, it is the path.

Normally inspired people never doubt them selves, because they have learned the art of trusting themselves and their ideas, where as people who need motivation, need it (motivation) in the first place because they do not trust themselves.


The beauty of inspiration is, when you act from inspiration it is effortless, not that you do not put any effort, but while you are putting in the effort, you are feeling joy, where as when you act from motivation, you have to push yourself by reminding yourself, what you will get at the end of the journey, where as in inspiration, you enjoy the journey so much you just want to keep going, which ultimately not only makes you reach your goal, it takes you above and beyond your goal, even without you knowing the effort.

Inspired people are usually very calm, and they have a similar effect on the people around them, they experience more of what is called as serotonin (also known as the well being hormone) in their body, on the other hand motivated people are usually in a hurry, stressed and people around them can sense it too, they also experience the rush of adrenaline (stress hormone) in their body.


what do the release of these chemicals define for your body, it defines, that people who are motivated probably do not get a good sleep in the night, where as inspired people sleep like a baby.

Do not think that Motivation does not get you ‘success’ (as defined by the gathering or possession of material gains or name and fame) , you will find a lot of people who live life of motivation are successful, meaning a lot of money, big house, popular etc,.

What I am talking about here is not whether you can become successful with motivation or not, the Idea is both of these energies, motivation and inspiration get you to where you want to go, but one is based on fear and the other is based on love, so the person going through his/her life feeling motivated, will experience all sorts of emotions related to fear like stress, anxiety, worry etc. On the other hand a person living their life through inspiration will experience all kinds of emotions related to love like joy, contentment, peace etc.,

It is like going from India to Australia on a flight, a person traveling in fear energy will experience delays, frustration, fights for their own seat, stress etc,. on the journey. On the other hand a person traveling in love energy will experience joy of flying, flight on time, special upgrade to first class etc,. on their journey… at the end of the day if you look at them from outside, both of them reached their destination, but one is refreshed at the end of it, while the other is… you get the picture.

One more thing: it is not that the person experiencing life in love energy (inspiration) will never get flight delays, but it will only be a blessing in disguise for them and not frustrate them.

Now you might be thinking… how do I figure out do I live from Motivation or Inspiration here are a few ways to find out…

for those who figured it out already congratulations!!! you can directly scroll down to the end of this page and please share this article with your friends.

While those of you who like to understand a bit more below are a few guidelines…


  1. On the energy level there is one way a very clear way to find out the difference between Motivation and Inspiration, and that is using your feelings: Motivation will feel ‘heavy‘, where as Inspiration will feel ‘light‘. think of it like a red light or green light, when ever you are thinking of something or planning to do something, and it feels ‘heavy’, its a red light meaning you need to do some thinking still. where as if it feels ‘light’, its a green signal, drive away.
  2. if its motivation, You ‘HAVE TO’ give a lot of reasons for yourself to do it, but if its Inspiration, you will look forward to it, like Steve Jobs said: Your dreams need to pull you out of your bed not push you. Let Inspiration pull you towards living your life and not push you to experience your life.
  3. Motivation is mostly copied, its somebody else’s idea you stole, and you are simply copy pasting it in your life, no creativity there. Whereas Inspiration is always original. You might have got this idea by looking at someone else’s work, but it becomes original when you get pulled towards it and you make it better.
  4. Motivation seems like a lot of effort, Inspiration is Effortless.
  5. You need reminders (motivation), You do not need reminders (inspiration) because you never forget it.
  6. It feels like work (motivation), it is playful (Inspiration).
  7. You always follow a plan, no room for change(motivation), You follow the plan but surprises are welcomed too.
  8. I have to win at all costs (motivation), win-win is the key (Inspiration)
  9. You try to motivate others by showing them the end of the road (motivation), You inspire others by asking questions to be honest with them selves so they become more clear in knowing why they are doing, what they are doing (inspiration)
  10. You tell yourself what to do, You ask yourself what to do.


Quick Cheat Sheet: Motivation VS Inspiration

Motivation Inspiration
Will feel ‘heavy‘. Will feel ‘light‘.
I have to do this, I have to Win, at all costs. I love doing this, so should others, win-win.
Copy Paste the Idea. How do I better this Idea.
Lot of effort goes into, I work very hard. It’s effortless, I enjoy my work.
I always forget, its frustrating. I always remember, its easy.
I need a plan to succeed, no room for errors. I plan and flow, mistakes help me grow, I am successful.
I have to do this. What should I do now?

Now if you are thinking what can you do to increase Inspiration in your life, here is what I recommend:

  1. Learn the art of inquiry, at any crucial decision making time ask your self, how does this feel? Heavy or Light?. For example: what Ice cream should I eat now? Vanilla or chocolate? which one feels light?
  2. Develop the practice of Meditation, helps you experience the feeling of ‘light’ and the feeling of ‘effortlessness’ with your eyes closed, so you can differentiate it when you are living your life with open eyes.
  3. Read books or watch videos that help you understand your true nature which is ‘light’. books by authors like: Louise hay, Abraham Hicks, Bruce Lipton, Wayne Dyer, Richard Bach, OSHO, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Parmahamsa Yogananda, Monish Dhawan, and many many more.

May you find your Inspiration in Life.

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Be G(o)od,

Monish Dhawan.


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