Monish Dhawan is a Meditation Teacher and Root Cause Therapy Healer from Hyderabad, India.

All his Therapies are based on deep understanding between the cause and the effect. Everything

He practices are ancient healing modalities tested through time and considered safe of any side

effects. He has undergone healing on himself with many sessions of each modality this experience

gives him a complete understanding of each modalities and the deep principles behind each one

of them, the advantage of which he passes on to each of his clients. 



Past Life Regression (90min/ 180min)

In this typical session the client is induced through a hypnotic or a non-hypnotic induction and helped to see the past of this life or a past life, no matter which Induction is used the client is always in control. 

(Past Life Regression is a Root Cause Therapy; the Fundamental Principle of this therapy is “When you Re-live… You Relieve ” – Bhagwat Gita.)


Inner child Work – (60min/ 90min)

Most of our blocks that we experience in our grown life, have their root cause in our childhood, through Inner Child Work He helps the clients to re-visit their childhood and heal as well as re connect with their own inner child, doing so heals the root there by heals the present day problem that person is going through.

(90 Percent of the beliefs that you carry and live with in your life are downloaded into you by the time you reach 7 years of age” – Dr.Bruce Lipton Author Biology of Belief.)


Re Birthing Breath work (45min/ 90min)

70 – 90% of the toxins of our body are released through our Breath. Those who do not know how to breathe inevitably fall ill. Correcting your Breath can be the first and last step towards living a healthy life. Through Breath work He helps people correct their Breath.  When you breathe correctly you intake oxygen as well as Energy this help you to release stress and open the blockages. You will open your internal energy flow to fully embrace your true potential.

(If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly” –  Dr.Andrew Weil)


Family Constellation (45min/ 90min)

Every Family and Organization has a natural order of Love and when this order of love is disturbed everyone in that family or organization suffers. Correcting this order of love is the most important part of doing a session. Through my FC sessions I help Individuals; Families & Organizations heal & correct their order of love. This is achieved through a combination of Consultation and a guided meditation for individuals. First step is to understand where the ‘order of love’ is going wrong and second step is to correct it, by involving the client through a guided meditation.

(The space between us is not empty it is filled with Intelligence… This Intelligence is constantly communicating and responding to us and effecting our reality, the language it speaks is emotions and love is the only emotion ” Dr. Gregg Braden Author Language of the Devine Matrix.)

Meditation – (30min/ 60min)

He Takes Guided Meditations depending on a persons need. His aim is teach meditation to individuals or groups so that they can make it a daily practice. In the process he also answers a variety of questions people have about meditation. 

Meditation is a tool used to go from mind to no mind so that we can hear the Inner voice or our inner guidance more clearly, while also achieving a deep sense of peace and tranquility within. The practice of meditation is to observe your Breath, practicing this on a daily basis helps you become more cleary in your thoughts and have more awareness of your emotions, this way you become the owner of your emotions and not the other way around. Monish has 17 years of experience in doing and teaching mediation and he also takes guided meditation session depending on a persons need.