According to a study at the Harvard University, Working women feel more stressed than working men, there are several reasons behind it, but that does not matter, what matters the most is you feel the heat and we get it.

Now we want to help you relax, unwind and come back to life-like the rising sun and we don’t want you to stop there, we want you to learn how you can sustain this art and live life-like the rising sun from now on.

There are ancient secrets which are very simple, yet so very powerful, learning them once can help you live your life in such a way that you become the radiant glowing sun and have a positive effect on the people around you, rather than people around you draining your energy.

Imagine being able to live such a life, a life free-flowing, getting things done with ease and in harmony with everyone around you… I know it might sound close to impossible now, but trust me it is not, if you look at your life you must have experienced glimpses of such moments in your life, where everything is in harmony,everything you want to get done in a day, gets done and you still feel fresh, not drained at all, but only if you understood how it happens?, you would repeat it day after day right?.

what if, I told you: there is a science and you can learn the basics of that science in just one day and start living a life with ease, joy and glory.

We invite you to join us in our one day workshop “Allowing Love With Sound” In this workshop not only will you learn the science of living like the rising sun, you will also have the chance to experience it with the help of Sound.

During the Workshop we will have you experience the power of Tibetan singing bowls being performed by two of the best sound healers in India – Amandeepti.

In their own words: Sound has the capacity to affect the physical body at the cellular level and induce relaxation, it has the power to shake the emotional body to release stress and helps you get closer to your soul.

Experience three Sound Healing Sessions during the workshop each worth Rs.2500/-

for details about the Workshop Call us Now: 9959748484 (Monish) OR 9871084728 (Deepti)

About the Presenters:

Monish is a Meditation Teacher since 17 Years and a Professional Alternative Medicine Practitioner since a decade, He has traveled over 15 Countries to help people heal themselves.

Aman is an Agricultural Scientist by profession and one of the best Sound Healers in India by Passion.

Deepti is a Professional Alternative Medicine Practitioner for over a decade and practices various forms of healing modalities like Breathwork, Innerchild work, Past Life Regression and is one of the best Sound Healers in India.

Aman & Deepti are Co-Founders of Meditate. Celebrate-Life Center in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi.

I have attended Aman-Deepti sound meditation several times. And each time it is phenomenal and enriching. An individual experiences deeper realms in their meditations, and I Have. I am transported to higher levels of consciousness and experience complete relaxation. Just recently Aman’s flute transported me to Vrindavan. I have never been there but the bliss was extraordinary and made me feel being there.. Truly amazing.
The duo has a long way to go in bringing harmony and subduing cacophony in life.

  • Shyamala.V
  • IT.Consultant, New Delhi.

Guruji, as I call Monish, has played a very important role in my spiritual journey. Monish has been a dear friend and a guide over the years. I know him for many years now since the time I first met him when when he conducted my PLR sessions. 

I have turned to him for advise on several important ocassions over the years. The reason I call him”Guruji” is because he seems to have an answer or rather spiritiual solutions to the many issues I have dealt with. As a friend he is absolutely wonderful and a delight to spend time with. 

Dear Monish I truly am thankful to you for the guidance and the sessions you undertook for me. The ease with which breakthrough was achieved is remarkable. I know you have a gift and you should share it with the world.

All the very best.

  • Nikhil.
  • Businessman, Bangalore.