How to Meditate with Intention? 

This is a Question I keep getting asked by many… So I decided to answer it here.

Before I go on explaining in detail on how to do it … let’s understand what Intention is: 

Intention or Intent is a Primary though or an Idea or a desire one wants to be fulfilled, it can be something very personal, Like: I want to become Rich, or I want to be Healed, or I want a Happy Relationship or I want a Peaceful Life. It can also be impersonal like May my Husband / wife be Happy or healed, May my Parents have Peace in their lives or it can also be :May there be Peace on Earth.

However there is a contradiction on Intention Meditation or Meditation with Intention and that is : Meditation is supposed to help us go from Mind to no mind or to say from thinking to thoughtless, if that is the case how can I have a thought during Meditation? isn’t that going completely against the fundamental Principle of Meditation? 

and the answer to that question is here: 

The Idea of Meditation with an Intention is not about having the Intention while you are Meditating, but before it, or more to say the Idea is to hold it in the Background, the secret here is that Universe does not really understand your thought, or your Sub Conscious Mind does not really understand a Thought, what it does understand is a feeling or the intensity of your thought, such as if you are thinking about having a good health but internally believe you are going to get even more sicker or worse going to die, your belief about your sickness will trump your thought about health. 

another example: if you are thinking of having more money in your life but the reason you are thinking about having more money is because you have none or to say you are inspired to think about more money because you have so much of debt to pay of, then your intensity of debt trumps your idea or thought of having more money…

this is the reason … it is very important to understand how to Intend before we go about magnifying that intent with Meditation. yes that is all we do with Meditation, we Magnify our Intent. 

so here is how you can clean your Intention : 

the Intention should have 3 Qualities 

  1. It should be Clear
  2. It should be inspired from a Positive Emotion.
  3. It should be in present tense

for example: 

if you are thinking about Intending for better health

your Intention could be

I feel more and more healthy every day, 

if it is about your liver or kidney or any specific organ about your body

you can say: 

My Liver is Healed (if this sounds too much to think of or feels like a false statement) you can say I can feel my Liver getting better and better, or My liver is getting healed, or My liver is recovering at an amazing rate. 

another way of saying it would be using the Law of attraction where your focus is on what is working and not on what is not working, because what ever you focus on Expands, there by if your liver is functioning only 1% and 99% is not functioning then you can say: 

I am Grateful that my liver is functioning, this way as you focus on what is working, it will increase and expand 

same principle can be applied for money: if you have 1 dollar and you would like to have a million, you can say: 

I am Grateful for the money I have, as you focus on what you have you will expand… what you have… in this case the money you have. 

but remember … doing lip service does not help… you need to feel genuinely, as Your Sub-conscious responsible for every experience in your life does not understand your words … it only understand your feelings… this is where Meditation with Intention becomes even more useful. 

here process of Meditation with Intention

Once you have crystallized or clarified your core thought or thoughts you want to be fulfilled, take 3 breaths or more until you feel calm and focused, now think of the thought in your mind once in the said fashion as mentioned above, and now go about doing your meditation as you always do… that’s it.

another way you can do it is … Write down your Intention on a Piece of paper, keep it in front of you while you meditate with a knowing in your heart that your intention(s) is being fulfilled… This is How you can Meditate with an Intention, without disturbing your Meditation in any way. This way you allow the Mysterious powers of the universe or your sub conscious mind to manifest the object of your desire.

How ever some people like to put in more effort they can follow the following method I do not call it Meditation with Intention (though some people like to call it that) it can be called as a Guided Meditation or Visualization: In this Process you use your Imagination to achieve your one goal at a time, During this process you would hold to that Primary thought, and Imagine as if it is already happening for you and generate the feeling within your heart, as if the object of your desire is already achieved, for example if your legs are fractured or paralyzed, you generate a Vision of you walking or even running and allow your self to feel that you are running, the more intensity you can feel during this session the more powerful effect it will have on you. (this process I personally do not like to call it meditation, since it is active thinking and Imagination) but it is an effective process and works magically as well.

How to Use Meditation with Intention for “Peaceful Earth” Irrespective of which Meditation Technique you practice: 

Step One: Understand what “Peaceful Earth” Means: “Peaceful Earth” is a Reduced form of Intention which in detail means: 

Peace for Human Kingdom, Peace for Animal Kingdom, Peace for Plant Kingdom, Peace for Mineral Kingdom, Peace in th Heart for Mother Earth and Peace for all the Known and unknown, Visible and invisible kingdoms that are present on earth whether we human beings are aware of them or not, we seek peace for all of them.

So when we Intend for “Peaceful Earth” using it as a thought in our mind before meditation or using a piece of paper we are Intending for the above.

Step Two: There are 2 things you can do to Magnify “Peaceful Earth”

  1. Meditate Every day for a minimum of 15 minutes with the intention “Peaceful Earth”
  2. Once a Year Organize a Mass Meditation with a Minimum of 10,000 people in your city to come together physically and Meditate for “Peaceful Earth” (why a Minimum of 10,000 people? read my book available for Free Download Here or Purchase on Amazon here)

During the Mass Meditation all you have to do is Gather at one single place with Big Banners on which you can Write “Peaceful Earth”, and every one who is attending knows in their hearts that they are gathering for Meditation for “Peaceful Earth”. 

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