If you are not able to attract a Suitable mate for your self or not happy with your present relationship or fed up with the series of breakup’s in your life… this article might be for you… 

But Before you read the below article I recommend that you read this Article The Law of Love first for better understanding of how Relationships and the universal “Law of Love” works.
coming to lovers or ex lovers, one needs to understand that the space for a lover / spouse in a person’s life is only one, but if a person has multiple relationships can they still be happy? yes they can if everyone knows and holds their specific place in such relationships, such as if a person has a wife and a lover or a husband and a lover, and all three of them are aware of the presence of each other and acknowledge their presence, then such relationships can be issue free, problem arises when love is misplaced, when one treats the wife as lover and lover as wife, without the consent of others involved in that relationship. 
coming back to ex lovers: if a person is single but had previous relationships then one needs to let go of the previous relationships before one ventures in to a new relationship.

Letting go of your Ex(s)

Here is a Meditation you can do to let go of your past relationships, failing to let go of previous lovers can result in an unhappy new relationship or create a situation where one is not able to attract a suitable match, in any case doing the following meditation can help you resolve the issue.
Before you start into the meditation ask your self this question: Am I truly and sincerely with all my heart willing to let go of ____ (this person(s)?) if you get a re-sounding yes… then do this meditation, if not wait for the day you get a re-sounding yes… or you can repeat the following Guided meditation till the day you get a re-sounding yes…
Sit in Meditation, relax your self, take 3 deep breaths and allow your mind to come to a calm place, keep observing your breath till you reach a calm place in your mind, this might take a few minutes, take as long as required… 
once you reach that calm place in your mind, Now Imagine your self in a place that you love the most, it can be a mountain, a riverside , a sea-shore, a garden , a forest, an imaginary place or a place you have been to sometime earlier in this life, as you connect to this place, Invite your Guide, your guide can come in any form, as an Animal, as light, as your guru, an angel once they arrive to this place, thank them for being there for you and ask them to look over the meeting(s) that are about to take place in this safe space that you are in now, and take permission from them to start the process, as you receive the permission (sometimes the guide might say no, which basically means that you are not ready or this is not the right time for some reason or the other, if that is the case ask them when to do it and you might get a time line, if no answer comes simply come back for now, keep practicing meditation till the day you get a nudge from your intuition to do the process and when you do … do this : 
Sit in Meditation, relax your self, take 3 deep breaths and allow your mind to come to a calm place, keep observing your breath till you reach a calm place in your mind, this might take a few minutes, take as long as required… 
once you reach that calm place in your mind, Now Imagine your self in a place that you love the most, it can be a mountain, a riverside , a sea-shore, a garden , a forest, an imaginary place or a place you have been to sometime earlier in this life, as you connect to this place, Invite your Guide, your guide can come in any form, as an Animal, as light, as your guru, an angel once they arrive to this place, thank them for being there for you and ask them to look over the meeting(s) that are about to take place in this safe space that you are in now, and take permission from them to start the process, as you receive the permission…
Invite your Ex, whom you would like to let go… Invite their soul, as they appear in front of you, let them know why you have invited them here and your wish you let them go, and if you have anything you are holding back against them or you have any unsaid words you wanted to tell them but you couldn’t for any reason, say those words now, and once you complete your words wait for a few seconds you might receive a response from them , in most cases you wont and then… continue..
by Saying the following healing words to them: I See You Now, I Love you, I am Sorry for anything and everything that I might have done knowingly or unknowingly that might have hurt you, Please forgive me, Now knowingly and with love I let go of you as my lover as I wish to move on and clear the space for the future love of my life, I wish you well, You will always hold a special space in my heart, and next time when we meet, be it in person, via phone email or in dream or any other way, we will connect only in the highest vibration of love, I set you free and I set myself free as well, Thank You.
this should complete the process
after saying these words if you still feel a lingering feeling, imagine a cord connecting both of you attached from any part of your body to any part of their body, then imagine a pair of scissors or knife in your hands and cut the cord saying the following words: I knowingly now cut this cord between both of us as its purpose has been served, I Wish you well, and I wish to move on, (cut the cord now) if this process brings up a lot of emotions, breathe through them … Imagine your Guide standing behind you and giving your all the energy needed by you to endure this process… after the emotion has subsided through deep breathing through them … continue to next step… 
More than one Ex: if you have more than one (ex) repeat the process above with each one, some might take longer some might take less time to complete …. remember, every person that you had one side love or any one you ever had a crush on even in your high school whom you sometimes remember, everyone you had sex with, flirted with, is sitting and holding that space next to you which is meant for your spouse… (you can write the names of people on a piece of paper before hand and can invite them all at once to clear their energy imprint)
Closing and coming back: once you are done, say to your ex I set you (all) free now , Imagine them becoming light and going back to their source, and then Thank your Guiding Master for being there and supporting you in the process, ask for any Guidance if needed, they might have a message for you, take that and say to them I set you free now, thank you, then Imagine yourself being covered in light, this is a protective light that safe guards you, take 3 deep breaths and come back in to your body now, slowly shake your legs , hands, put your palms on your eyes for a few seconds, then removing your palms from your eyes… slowly open your eyes.
Hope this Helps 🙂 
The Law Of Love is the Ancient Law of Universe that Governs all the aspects of human relationships, however in the modern world no one has a faintest clue about the existence of such a law, The Shamans were very well aware of this law, if understood correctly this law can also help resolve issues arising in an organization, any how for the scope of this article we will stick to Human Relationships.
This Law of Love Dictates the flow of every relationship in a family or otherwise

According to the “Law of Love”

“Love flows from above to below” 
From The “Source to Ancestors…from Ancestors to grand parents ….from grand parents to parents …from parents to children and so on … 
“everything that is hidden will be brought to light”
when people have a person in the family with mental illness (or some disability) and those people are kept hidden inside the house or sent away to and asylum in some corner of the house or world so no one in the outside world knows about them, in such cases people in the next generation take it up on themselves to bring this “un-acknowledgement” in to light.
“everything / everyone who is abandoned/ excluded will be included”
In families if someone is abandoned for what ever reason, someone from the next generation becomes exactly like that “abandoned” person… so that, that which is “abandoned” gets included.

Understanding the Law of Love

In a family if a child(adult child) starts considering themselves the head of the family just because they are the bread earners they obstruct the flow of love happening from their parents to them… this obstructions creates a lack of love which they are supposed to receive from their parents… this lack of love from fathers’ side can be manifested in lack of money or lack of work opportunities or success (in a very broad sense) or issues/dis-eases in the right side of the physical body.
If the same lack of love happens from the mothers’ side due to ego or disconnection for any other reason … this lack of love is experienced or manifests itself in the form of lack of love life or absence of a partner or lack of emotional stability , lack of joy in life , or issues/dis-eases on the left side of your physical body.
To correct the flow of love one needs to understand the following: 
1. Parents have Given you a Gift of life (this Gift in itself is such a huge favor to you they need not do anything else to show their love to you)  it seems very hard-hitting but this is what this love dictates, which basically means just because they have given you birth they are in no way obligated to feed you or take care of you, they are in no way obligated to love you or provide for you, if they end up doing it, that’s just more of their love you can be grateful for to be receiving it… 
2. It is the need for a child to be loved by their parents, but it is not the responsibility of the parent to love their child… but if they still do, all the child needs to do is acknowledge it and be grateful for it. (the moment a child feels it’s his birth right to be loved and they have to be loved by their parents no matter what, the disconnection process has begun, this not only hurts the child it hurts the parents as well, however the side effects of this expectation can hurt the child in a much more damaging way than it would hurt the parents… generally speaking (there by having expectations from parents does not resolve any issue, blaming them for not providing or not being there, or having ideas like I wanted to be loved this way or accepted that way will never resolve any of your issues) 

3. There is nothing you can do to or for your parents that can ever repay the debt they have given you by giving you the Gift of life, this same rule applies to your teacher/guru as well. (for what ever capacity with which you give them back to them is in the first place given to you by them, by giving you the gift of life) 
4. similarly at any point in life a child must only receive love from their parents and in no way try to give love to their parents, it does not mean you don’t love them back, but there is a way to do that: Receiving / accepting the love of your parents the way they express it to you with love and gratitude is the way you can love them and you can love them by holding your place as their child, if your parents are sick / old and need care, you need to take care of your parents from holding your place as a child, never try to become their parent, or spouse… just because you are taking care of them either physical help, monetary assistance, providing them food , shelter or in any other way, one needs to do all of these from holding the place as a child to their parents.(remember love flows from them to you not vice versa, so no matter what their positing is physically rt now, they are still an abundant source of love for you (energetically speaking) and disconnecting from this source can actually end up making you sick in the long run, and remember no matter what you do, you cannot repay them, for what they have given you… the gift of your life)
5. everyone in the family has their own specific place in relationship to everyone else, and that place cannot be replaced by anyone else in the same family or other wise, if this order is not followed even then families find it difficult to stick together. 
Example: the place of the elder sibling cannot be taken over by the younger sibling just because he or she is able to earn more or provide for the family, the younger sibling needs to do everything holding their rightful place as a younger sibling and not try to become the father of the family just because he/she is taking care of the family in one way or the other.
Similarly one needs to understand that no one can take the place of anyone who has passed away, it can be a father or a mother who passed away or it can be a still-born child, meaning the elder son or daughter cannot replace the place of the father or the mother who passed away, even if they are taking care of the family and fulfilling the responsibilities of the family… they need to do it from the place they hold that is as the elder or younger child of the family with humility, and acknowledging the absence of the one passed away.
same rule applies when a person who got married second time, they need to recognize the passing away of the first wife and mother of their children, and not replace her with the second wife, the second wife needs to accept that she is the second wife and a step mother, and acknowledge the absence of the first wife/mother for her children, failing to do so or trying to replace the mother, will create a very strained/superficial relationship between the (second)mother and the children and similarly the husband and wife relationship will not be fulfilling either… 
Similarly if a couple has the first-born as a still child or aborted or miscarriage the next born child who survives does not become the first-born, the mother and father need to acknowledge the absence of the first-born and there by the one born next who survives will hold the space of 2nd born or 4th born or 16th born (what ever is their number) this acknowledgement gives a lot of strength to the child who survives,in doing so the child will now have so many elder siblings to take care of them from the spirit world(energetically sending a lot of love), the lack of this acknowledgement creates suicidal tendencies in the child which can be triggered at any weak point in their lives, these suicidal tendencies are subconsciously carried as a deep desire to join their soul family (siblings) on the other side.

Correcting the Flow of “The Law of Love” in any Relationship

The First Step is Acknowledging/Recognizing 
Acknowledge the ones who have passed away by keeping their photo in the house, remembering them on their Birth anniversaries/death anniversaries, keep them in your prayers, give Gratitude to them when ever possible… pray to them to look upon you with love and say to them :I will join you on the other side when it is my time not a moment before or later
If it’s an aborted child/miscarriage/ still-born child, connect to them in Meditation and let them know that they are missed, say to them: We miss you, We are sorry for we were not ready for your as yet, it hurts us very much and we wish you well… please look up on us with love, I will join you on the other side when its my time not a moment before or later…
If your parents are alive you can do just the “healing words” part with them in person, it is very rewarding connecting back with our parents physically…
If you had/have a strained relationship with your parent(s) and they have passed away or alive but physically at a distance you can do the following Meditation:
Sit in Meditation, relax your self, take 3 deep breaths and allow your mind to come to a calm place, keep observing your breath till you reach a calm place in your mind, this might take a few minutes, take as long as required… 
once you reach that calm place in your mind, Now Imagine your self in a place that you love the most, it can be a mountain, a riverside , a sea-shore, a garden , a forest, an imaginary place or a place you have been to sometime earlier in this life, as you connect to this place, Invite your Guide, your guide can come in any form, as an Animal, as light, as your guru, an angel once they arrive to this place, thank them for being there for you and ask them to look over the meeting(s) that are about to take place in this safe space that you are in now, and take permission from them to start the process, as you receive the permission…
Invite your Parent (the one you had strained relationship with) if you had it with both parents, Invite your mom first and then your dad… 
Healing Words:
as your Parent arrives let them know how you truly feel now for what had happened, and say to them anything and everything that you ever wanted to say but couldn’t for one reason or the other… after that … kneel in front of you parent standing in front of you and say the following healing sentences:
You are Big … I am Small,
You Give … I Receive,
you are my father/mother … I am your son/daughter,
I love you as my mother/father,
I let go of any other place I might be holding in our family knowingly or unknowingly and take back my rightful place as your (first/second/third…) son/daughter,
what ever was between you and father/mother is yours to keep,
I receive your love and only your love nothing else as your son/daughter,
now get up taking the help of your parent and hug them (energetically)
once this is done with your mother now you can Invite your father and do the above process again.
Once you complete the above process, Imagine your Father/mother or both standing behind you with their hands on your shoulders and supporting you, and Imagine all the generations before them standing behind them till the Source, supporting your through them, Give thanks to all your ancestors for being there for you while leaning on your parents and resting with their support.
Closing and coming back: once you are done, say to your Parent(s) I set you (all) free now , Imagine them becoming light and going back to their source, and then Thank your Guiding Master for being there and supporting you in the process and say to them I set you free now, thank you, then Imagine yourself being covered in light, this is a protective light that safe guards you, take 3 deep breaths and come back in to your body now, slowly shake your legs, hands, put your palms on your eyes for a few seconds, then removing your palms from your eyes… slowly open your eyes.
Hope this Helps 🙂 
All the best 


How to Meditate with Intention? 

This is a Question I keep getting asked by many… So I decided to answer it here.

Before I go on explaining in detail on how to do it … let’s understand what Intention is: 

Intention or Intent is a Primary though or an Idea or a desire one wants to be fulfilled, it can be something very personal, Like: I want to become Rich, or I want to be Healed, or I want a Happy Relationship or I want a Peaceful Life. It can also be impersonal like May my Husband / wife be Happy or healed, May my Parents have Peace in their lives or it can also be :May there be Peace on Earth.

However there is a contradiction on Intention Meditation or Meditation with Intention and that is : Meditation is supposed to help us go from Mind to no mind or to say from thinking to thoughtless, if that is the case how can I have a thought during Meditation? isn’t that going completely against the fundamental Principle of Meditation? 

and the answer to that question is here: 

The Idea of Meditation with an Intention is not about having the Intention while you are Meditating, but before it, or more to say the Idea is to hold it in the Background, the secret here is that Universe does not really understand your thought, or your Sub Conscious Mind does not really understand a Thought, what it does understand is a feeling or the intensity of your thought, such as if you are thinking about having a good health but internally believe you are going to get even more sicker or worse going to die, your belief about your sickness will trump your thought about health. 

another example: if you are thinking of having more money in your life but the reason you are thinking about having more money is because you have none or to say you are inspired to think about more money because you have so much of debt to pay of, then your intensity of debt trumps your idea or thought of having more money…

this is the reason … it is very important to understand how to Intend before we go about magnifying that intent with Meditation. yes that is all we do with Meditation, we Magnify our Intent. 

so here is how you can clean your Intention : 

the Intention should have 3 Qualities 

  1. It should be Clear
  2. It should be inspired from a Positive Emotion.
  3. It should be in present tense

for example: 

if you are thinking about Intending for better health

your Intention could be

I feel more and more healthy every day, 

if it is about your liver or kidney or any specific organ about your body

you can say: 

My Liver is Healed (if this sounds too much to think of or feels like a false statement) you can say I can feel my Liver getting better and better, or My liver is getting healed, or My liver is recovering at an amazing rate. 

another way of saying it would be using the Law of attraction where your focus is on what is working and not on what is not working, because what ever you focus on Expands, there by if your liver is functioning only 1% and 99% is not functioning then you can say: 

I am Grateful that my liver is functioning, this way as you focus on what is working, it will increase and expand 

same principle can be applied for money: if you have 1 dollar and you would like to have a million, you can say: 

I am Grateful for the money I have, as you focus on what you have you will expand… what you have… in this case the money you have. 

but remember … doing lip service does not help… you need to feel genuinely, as Your Sub-conscious responsible for every experience in your life does not understand your words … it only understand your feelings… this is where Meditation with Intention becomes even more useful. 

here process of Meditation with Intention

Once you have crystallized or clarified your core thought or thoughts you want to be fulfilled, take 3 breaths or more until you feel calm and focused, now think of the thought in your mind once in the said fashion as mentioned above, and now go about doing your meditation as you always do… that’s it.

another way you can do it is … Write down your Intention on a Piece of paper, keep it in front of you while you meditate with a knowing in your heart that your intention(s) is being fulfilled… This is How you can Meditate with an Intention, without disturbing your Meditation in any way. This way you allow the Mysterious powers of the universe or your sub conscious mind to manifest the object of your desire.

How ever some people like to put in more effort they can follow the following method I do not call it Meditation with Intention (though some people like to call it that) it can be called as a Guided Meditation or Visualization: In this Process you use your Imagination to achieve your one goal at a time, During this process you would hold to that Primary thought, and Imagine as if it is already happening for you and generate the feeling within your heart, as if the object of your desire is already achieved, for example if your legs are fractured or paralyzed, you generate a Vision of you walking or even running and allow your self to feel that you are running, the more intensity you can feel during this session the more powerful effect it will have on you. (this process I personally do not like to call it meditation, since it is active thinking and Imagination) but it is an effective process and works magically as well.

How to Use Meditation with Intention for “Peaceful Earth” Irrespective of which Meditation Technique you practice: 

Step One: Understand what “Peaceful Earth” Means: “Peaceful Earth” is a Reduced form of Intention which in detail means: 

Peace for Human Kingdom, Peace for Animal Kingdom, Peace for Plant Kingdom, Peace for Mineral Kingdom, Peace in th Heart for Mother Earth and Peace for all the Known and unknown, Visible and invisible kingdoms that are present on earth whether we human beings are aware of them or not, we seek peace for all of them.

So when we Intend for “Peaceful Earth” using it as a thought in our mind before meditation or using a piece of paper we are Intending for the above.

Step Two: There are 2 things you can do to Magnify “Peaceful Earth”

  1. Meditate Every day for a minimum of 15 minutes with the intention “Peaceful Earth”
  2. Once a Year Organize a Mass Meditation with a Minimum of 10,000 people in your city to come together physically and Meditate for “Peaceful Earth” (why a Minimum of 10,000 people? read my book available for Free Download Here or Purchase on Amazon here)

During the Mass Meditation all you have to do is Gather at one single place with Big Banners on which you can Write “Peaceful Earth”, and every one who is attending knows in their hearts that they are gathering for Meditation for “Peaceful Earth”. 

Today I Visited a War Remnant Museum in Vietnam… It was a Divine providence that I ended up being there unplanned (normally I am never interested in death and war and avoid it like a plague) but it happened so due to a new friend I made here that I ended up going there… Going through the Images of people / Army Personnel and common people, their plight, it was heart wrenching, just trying to Imagine for a second putting myself in their shoes… Ohhhh the pain is unthinkable.

I wondered what goes through a man’s mind when they go down to such levels to deny the human being on the other side to be considered even close to a human just because your country has labeled them “The Enemy”.

Are we all not made by the same divine being? Are we all not capable of loving each other as much as we are capable to hate each other? Then why do we choose hate over love? 

The Chemical Bomb
The After Effects of War

I am now reminded of the Wise words… “The world suffers a lot. Not because the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of the good people. ”

Today I completely understand this statement, because I have worked for World Peace for many years (On and Off) … I have always approached it from an Idea of living in a better place than the world we live in today… But my conviction towards working on it was that of a comfort … Not of a necessity… for I have never had a first hand experience of war… And I am so very grateful for it… Having said that… I can feel the pain of the people going through war… Even today as I write this article … More than ever… And I Urge You to please for a few years let’s say the next Decade or so … Let us all put our energies together to Create Permanent Peace on Earth… If you are thinking “I would like to but don’t know how”… 

Let me help you … Please Download this Free Book: World Peace and how to make it happen, In this short book I have explained a 3 Step process on how to create Permanent Peace on Earth.

After you read the Book Click on this Link to join a Global Network of Peace Lovers.

Just before you click on the above links … Please Share this Article so more and more people can join the Global Network of Peace Lovers. 

Thank You 
Monish Dhawan.


Physical Immortality the moment you hear those words… probably the first thought that comes to your mind is: Impossible… or may be … Science is working on it… may be in the near future… we also hear that some billionaires are spending their fortune to make it happen for themselves… and some people believe that the soul is immortal so why worry about being physically immortal? 

when ever I try to bring up this topic among people I meet… sometimes complete strangers and some times known friends … one of the most common answer I get is … “Oh I want to live max till 70 then die” for some the number is even 50… for according to them if you are going to be physically Immortal then they are going to continually grow old as shown in many popular news papers about people who have lived beyond 100 usually are the most wrinkled persons on earth and who would like to have so many wrinkles? 

Many people have heard about physical Immortals in different parts of the world … but then they simply give away the Idea … oh that is possible only for great souls… and go on living a life that will lead to eventual death…

But wait a minute… What if everything you knew about Physical Immortality was wrong? What if Physical Immortality meant you can live young forever? or for as long as you wish to? if that is too long a stretch for you… what if you could live a very healthy life till you were 80 or 100? you could maintain the same level of vitality and vigor as you do in your 20′ or 30’s and maintain it life long?  would that interest you? if so stay on this page and continue to read 🙂 


Before we go a little further… there are 2 questions I would like to answer 

  1. If you are wondering that I am going to try and sell you a magic pill or anything else at the end of this article … well you can scroll down now and see there is nothing for sale here 
  2. If you are wondering what authority I have over this subject … then here are my little achievements …1. Since my childhood I have been a very sick child … If I didn’t visit a doctor in 3 months … it would be a great achievement for me … and today … I am Happy to say that I have learned to heal myself without medicine and have been off drugs for more than 15 years now, In all honesty I did visit a doctor 2 times in last 15 years when I had to learn a few lessons, one of the lesson was … it is okay, to go to a Doctor if you really need one… and the other one was to realize that sometimes fear can give you more pain than the actual illness can… any ways coming back2. I have been researching on this topic of Physical Immortality and have read some books talking about the same, as well as I was lucky enough to meet a person who has himself met more than 9 Physical Immortals living on earth … more about him later…3. I have realized that knowing about something and actually practicing them are 2 different stories … but at the same time you can never practice some thing until you know about it… so knowing is the first and very important step.

So here is what I understand about Physical Immortality: 

  1. It is Very much Possible and there are 100’s of physical immortals if not thousands living on this planet earth today as you are reading this article.
  2. It is not something that needs a lot of medical research (the way it is being done these days) to invent a pill or organ replacement kind of nonsense (for physical immortality) 
  3. It is not something that is to be limited to Yogi’s or so called God Men Only… 

In fact it is something everyone of us can and should look forward to…

The moment I say that – some people go… “but if every one is Physically Immortal then what about the finite resources that we have on planet earth?” This question comes from the lack of understanding about Physical Immortality or what we can call is half knowledge… even before one explores the full possibility of something … one starts questioning … because … it is very fearful … the very concept of physical immortality shakes your fundamental belief structures, stories you have been so closely guarding, every thing shakes and the deeper we go into the research … all those beliefs can crumble… but what if that was the first step to Physical Immortality… 

One of my friends … who is also on the path of Physical Immortality once said to me when I asked … but why do people Die? the answer he gave was … Because Dying is Easy… I can’t agree more with this statement… because questioning is easy … staying in your painful comfort zone is easy… it is easier to blame and die than to take complete responsibility of ones life and live for as long as you want… 

So why are we so against living? forget about living forever… we are against living itself… but why? 

some of the answers I am able to understand are 

  1. Death is Great Business … Yes the 3 Largest Businesses in the world revolve around death… 1. Wars / Military 2. Medicine (Allopathy in particular) 3. Insurance… all of them revolve around death. 
  2. staying stuck … staying in routine … is easier than doing something new or living without a schedule… and if we have studied any scriptures of the world … they all say … change is Growth… Growth is life… meaning change is life. Here is a question for you … can you live 10 days of your life without pre-planning it ? and yet doing something new every day? there is one of the Secrets of Physical Immortality… “Do Something New Every Day”… This one thing can keep you Alive… Living … Thriving … for the rest of your life… (Try practicing it) I know a person… she put on herself a challenge of giving 365 days so she decided to give something to some one every day some one new… something new… when I met her she was close to more than 30 days of this practice … and then I met her after 45 days or so of her practice … and her glow was continuing to grow… I am not sure if she knows that if she continues to do so all her life … she will end up living for ever… but if she does not know about the possibility of Physical immortality … she will end up dying … why ? because of her belief in Death… remember you cannot do something until you know about it first… 
  3. The belief that Death is Natural… all trees and animals die… it’s all a cycle… but then isn’t human being ‘suppose to be a superior race’? or are we self proclaimed superior beings? There are many trees which are living beyond 500 years some even 1000’s of years, turtles live 300-500 years, some snakes are believed to live well over 1000 years, then why is human dying at meagerly 80? if we are not superior … at least we should be able to live equal or close to our animal brothers and sisters? not because our bodies are in capable… no they are not … the latest research shows that our whole body renews itself every year, we get new including bones that take the longest to renew … which is close to a year… but then why do we Die? it’s not our bodies … but our minds … that is the cause of our death… Like its said … Body is nothing more than a slave of the mind… so if your mind is pro death … then your body simply follows the order… 
  4. here are a few examples for you to check if you are living a Pro Death Mindset… (Many many questions will rise here… this is your litmus test… this can be a painful list to go through … but it is very useful list … for it will also help us become more pro life) so here goes: Answer in a Yes or No… the more Yes’es you get the more Pro Death you are… 
    1. Do you eat dead animals? (includes eggs, seafood, chicken, sheep etc,.)
    2. Do you smoke? (regular or irregular does not matter)
    3. Do you Drink Alcohol? (small quantities or large does not matter, beer and wine counts too)
    4. Do you hate your work?
    5. Do you have any Dis-Ease? or are you on any kind of a chronic medicine?
    6. Do you attract accidents? (it may sound weird but people who are pro death attract accidents) because in life there are no accidents.(I might be required to write a completely new article just to explain this concept) any ways moving on…
    7. Do you love junk food?
    8. Do you eat packaged food regularly? (biscuits, chips, chocolates etc, anything packed counts or anything with a self life more than 7 days counts)
    9. Are you in a bad relationship(s)? (as in involved in regular serious fights)
    10. Do you like/love horror films?
    11. Do you have Suicidal Thoughts?
    12. Have you stopped dreaming for a better life?
    13. Do you have Stress in life? 

Now you might say … but most of our society / cities / countries live like this… why do you think I say that we live in a Pro-Death World?

Now in the first glance … especially those who have answered ‘yes’ to more than 90% of the above questions, I have news for you… and it is good news… and the good news is … that you now know that you are living a pro death life… which means you can turn this around … because now you know… if you are wondering HOW? then that’s a wonderful mind you have … keep reading and we will get there… but if you are thinking … man that’s a lot of bad habits and pro death-ness … and I can’t possibly heal my self … still you have a better mind … because somewhere you do believe in the possibility of healing yourself, meaning with enough information you can reverse everything above and heal yourself and live as long as you please, and if you think … this is all nonsense … sorry my friend … you have a closed mind … and the only answer or the only wakeup call for closed minds is death, hopefully in your next life you will have an open mind. 

to simplify the concept further let’s understand some thing … we can live a life only in 2 ways 

  1. Pro-Death 
  2. Pro-Life 

When a Person lives a life pro-death we say… that person is having a strong unconscious death urge… similarly when a person lives a life pro life … they have what we call as high life urge.

there are two kinds of death urge 1. un-conscious death urge and 2.conscious death urge similarly there are 2 kinds of Life urges: 1. unconscious Life urge and 2. conscious life urge

or we can say … we start our life with unconscious life urge, then we grow up in to un-conscious death urge and reach death some people transit from un-conscious death urge to conscious death urge and then die, the trick how ever is if we can transit from where ever we are to conscious life urge. because even people with un-conscious life urge end up dying. 

for example almost every child is born with high un-conscious Life Urge, but slowly growing up, we all grow up in to un-conscious death urge, as we accept death as a natural phenomenon, without ever questioning it, from that non questioning of death, takes birth of un-conscious death urge, a belief is set into motion within our selves that, I am going to grow old and die some day, after a certain age, every birthday celebration seems to kind of become a … I am getting close to my death day … celebration… so many people across the world feel depressed on their birthday.

wondering what is the difference between unconscious death urge and conscious death urge? wondering why would some one consciously want to die? 

A lot of people make their un-conscious death urge conscious the moment they get tired of living, it is not that they are in capable of living, it’s just they are too tired to live any more, and the sad part is this has started to happen to people in their 30’s and 40’s these days, but why are they tired, most of the times it boils down to 2 things 

  1. the illusion that they have no other choice
  2. lack of knowledge that they can turn everything around and live as long as they wish to.

Because as far as I understand no body whose life is going the way he dreams it to be and has the knowledge that he/she can live for as long and as healthy as they want… will ever die.

So How do we turn our Death Urge in to Conscious Life Urge? 

Step one is Purify your diet: do not eat, drink or smoke death… Do your Research, there is a chapter dedicated to Physical Immortality in a book by linda goodman – Star Signs … read that chapter… create a 3 year or a 5 year plan to purify your diet… slowly but surely take steps in the right direction. 

Understand the importance of your beliefs in keeping you alive and break every belief that says death is natural in one way or the other.

Read Books that talk about Physically Immortality, that will help you improve your Belief structure, some books I recommend are : The Life and Teaching of the masters of the Far East by T.Spalding (set of 6 books) , The Ringing Cedars Series by Anastasia (set of 9 books), Ageless body Timeless mind by Deepak Chopra, Overcoming The Seven Inhibitors to Bliss by pauline win, Read All books by Leonard orr available at www.leonardorrbooks.com , Autobiography of a Yogi by Parmahamsa Yogananda, All books by Jasmuheen,

Learn to Breathe Correctly, check out these Sites – https://rebirthingbreathwork.com , https://www.breathmastery.com 

Just so that you know, I know these people but I am not getting paid in any way from them, I share their names because they are the best in this field as far as I know.

and no matter what you need reversed they can help you do so. and if you are in India you can contact me as well.

moving on… 

If you hate your work: you can have 2 choices to turn things around

  1. Stop your current work and start doing something you love
  2. find ways of accepting your life and invent ways to loving your job, basically find meaning in what you do.

If you have any kind of addiction and really want to De-Addict your self then check out the website www.Doctoryourself.com , this site contains proven ways of using Vitamins to heal any Dis-Ease or addictions.

If you love junk food or processed food and are not able to let go of them … understand that you have too many toxins in your body which have kind of attract / addict you to such foods even more, try fasting, or get a Panchakarma Treatment from a qualified Ayurvedic Doctor. for details on fasting your can check out a website: http://masterfastsystem.com

If you like Horror films or have suicidal thoughts, Try spending time in nature, be it a forest, or a sea shore, mountains or a garden, try spending un disturbed time in one of these places for a minimum of 3 – 7 days, this should help you get back to your true self, kind of re connect you to you.

If you are too tired of dreaming a better life or too stressed … Try Resting… Yes … True resting for a minimum of 7 days … sleep for as long as you want… no phones or computers or Televisions, or meeting people, or partying … go to a place close to nature and just get bored and rest… this will help you reset. 

You can never solve a problem from the same level of thinking from which you created it – Einstein

The more your Increase your Life Urge … the closer you are going to get to Good Health and with Good Health and healthy living practices you will get closer to the Idea of Physical Immortality, and by feeding your mind with the Idea of Physical Immortality by reading the books mentioned above and creating a community of people who want Physical Immortality too, we will be able to achieve it. 

I for sure want to live for 300+ Years… How about you?

Let me know in the comments section below and if you are genuinely interested in becoming Physically Immortal email me so we can create a community, and I can help you connect with Communities already probable existing in your country / city.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me using the comments section below and I will try and answer them. 



Hurt… what is hurt?

if we look at it closely, it is pain, pain caused due to our action towards our selves or caused due to the actions of others towards us in a way we are not expecting it or not accepting it.

I am not going to talk about the physical hurt in this post, because one way or the other it’s pretty clear to every one, what physically hurts and what does not hurt. 

In this post, I will be mostly talking about the emotional and mental hurts that we go through and many a times continue to hurt our selves because we think it is being caused by some one out side of us and there by it is out of our control.

Accept it or not… all emotional / mental hurt is self inflicted… 

I know it might be sounding absurd to accept the above statement in the first go but if you continue reading it might make sense to you by the end of this post 🙂 


There are Basically 2 kinds of Hurts: 

  1. Direct Hurt

  2. In-Direct Hurt

Direct hurt is when someone says or behaves in a way with the intention of hurting you, like insulting you, swearing at you, threatening you, judging you, shaming you, blaming you, lying to you or about you, mis guiding you … you get the point… normally when we come across such actions directed towards us our first response is that of anger if the opposite person is some how lesser in power than us or frustration if the opposite person is more in power than us, but what we forget here is that whether you get angry or you get frustrated, both the ways you are making a choice and that choice is of ‘Hurting’ Yourself, Like Buddha says: you will not be punished because of your anger, but by your anger.

So the question here is what do I do if I come across such a situation, because we do come across such situations almost on a daily basis, and the answer to that question is: “exercise choice”, yes, choice of a third path… where you do not react but respond.

It is as simple as that, remember I said Simple not easy, a lot of times we misunderstand simple to be easy it is not, the transition from simple to easy needs practice, without practice even a simple thing can seem very difficult. 

for example: Imagine you have a lock to open and in your hands you have 10 different keys, there is only one key that fits this lock, only with practice you will know which key fits this lock, after you practice and remember which key belongs to this lock it becomes easy, till then it is simple.


Similarly, “Exercising Choice” is simple, until you practice and remember, then it becomes easy, it becomes your attitude.

So what is this Choice that we need to exercise? The Choice is to remember… that “you are free to choose how you feel” about any situation… You can feel Angry, you can feel sad, you can feel happy, you can laugh about it, you can ignore it, you can do something about it, you can basically do anything you want about this situation, the choice is up to you… 


The most Important thing to remember here is that “You have the freedom of Choice” to feel the way you like to feel no matter what kind of a situation you are in, after all feeling Hurt is also a feeling, and feeling hurt is not the only choice available to you.


Now coming to In-Direct Hurt: In-Direct Hurt is basically where someone close to you does something which was against your expectation of them, let me give you a few scenarios: 

Scenario 1: Between a man and a woman, Imagine you are a woman going on a date with your lover, normally he got you flowers every time you have met so far, this time he didn’t and you (choose to) ‘feel hurt’.

Scenario 2: You are a Manager at your place, you delegate a task to your subordinate, he promises to finish it in 2 days and he doesn’t and you get angry (choose to feel hurt) (anger is hurting yourself) 


Scenario 3: you are a parent and you son or daughter does not perform well in their exams, you get unhappy or sad (unhappy or sad feelings are hurtful feelings… you are choosing hurt for yourself).


Now when you look at the above examples you might say but isn’t that an obvious reaction? and the answer is: Just because everybody is doing it does not necessarily make it right, like Voltaire said: excellence is the enemy of good. There is always a better way.

Remember, the reason for your unhappiness, sadness, anger, frustration, or any kind of hurtful feeling in any “In-Direct hurt” is not somebody else’s actions but your own perception of them, in most of the cases – them not being able to meet your expectations.

Which means, even in a “In-Direct Hurt” the freedom to choose the way you want to feel is still with you.

In my experience, most of the people stay stuck in a In-Direct Hurt, longer than in a Direct Hurt, some times for years together and some times even for life times.


Because when in “In-Direct hurt” one gives away the responsibility of the way they feel to somebody else, mostly using Blame, reasons, excuses or denial.


So if you are feeling hurt: whether it is through “Direct Hurt” or “In-Direct Hurt” remember, that the freedom to choose on how you should feel about it lies with you.


The First Step in Healing anything is Taking 100% responsibility of your own feelings, Because when you Change the Feeling you begin the Healing.


feel free to share your thoughts or ask questions using the Comment Section Below…



Thought comes first or Emotion?

This question might come as a surprise to a lot of people… some might even say what’s the difference?

Scientifically speaking: thought has an electro magnetic current also know as EEG and originates in your brain, where as emotions have an electro magnetic current that originate in your heart known as EKG these impulses are 5000 times stronger than the impulses in your brain.

Having said that, the question arises… how does it affect my life?

Let me ask you a few questions:

  1. Do you want to get rich?
  2. Do you want to loose those extra pounds?
  3. Do you want to become healthy?
  4. Do you want to have better relationships?
  5. Do you want to get good grades in you school / college?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the above question… then let me ask you… do you have it?

If your answer is ‘No’ to the above question then read on…

The difference could be that you are living more from your head and not from your heart…

Let me share with you a formula on how we all create the results we want in life:

Thoughts Lead to Emotions, Emotions Lead to Actions, actions create Results

Thoughts are like the front seat of your car… where you have your Steering wheel, your accelerator, break, gears, everything… you can sit on that seat and do all the actions… but the car (your life) will never move… reason … You Do Not have Petrol (Emotions) in your car.

You might have heard of this very famous Quote by Lao Tzu: The Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single Step … Now if you take the literal meaning of it … you might say he is talking about Action … but if you go to the deeper meaning of that Quotation… he is suggesting that single step is from your head to your heart… when you take that one step… it urges to you go all the 1000 miles…

Now before we go into the action of going to the petrol bunk and fill ourselves with Petrol (emotions) because we are so eager to get our results let me warn you… there are 2 kinds of Emotions…

  1. That will help your car move in the direction of your choice…
  2. The other that will make you feel stuck…

Knowing this difference is as important as knowing whether your car runs on petrol or diesel, because if your car runs on petrol … and you fill it up with diesel… what will happen to you? You will end up in: Debt, over weight, under weight, hospital, divorce, failure etc,. Get the Drift?

So what are these 2 Emotions?

Popularly they are known as Love & Fear, yes … not Love and Hatred … but Love and Fear.

All the sages, all the religions are in reality trying to teach us this one thing… how to live from Love and not Fear and now finally even the scientific community is coming out and accepting the fact that the real BIG problems in the world are not Hunger, poverty, wars or terrorism but Human Greed, Jealousy, Anger and Ego… the former are the outcome of the later.

The real problem is; people are living from fear most of the time and not from love…

Those who have mastered living from love… have the money of their choice, have the health of their choice, relationships, good grades or a good job…

Now you might say … but not everyone has everything … some people have money but suck in relationships… some have good relationships but suck at money, some have both but don’t have good health… or vice versa…

The answer is… because they have mastered the art of living from love unconsciously and know how to speak it only in one direction of their life and have no clue on the basic principles of Love and Fear.

for a moment think of ‘Love and Fear’ as a Language…

Imagine you are a businessman and can speak only Hindi, and you end up in Russia for business where they speak only Russian, will you be able to make the best of the opportunity if you continue to speak in Hindi in Russia? The answer is a big NO…

So every day you go to the market speak in Hindi … no one understands you, you come back to your hotel at night asking the question why does no one understand me? How many days of repeating this pattern do you think you will get the result you are looking for ? the answer is Never…

Now, how will you get results? By changing your behavior… you can do one of the two things

  1. Hire a translator (find a mentor) achieves short term results
  2. Learn the language (become your own mentor) improves your life forever

A lot of people take the step no 1… they go to a guru… which is not bad… it is good it is needed in that moment… but the problem arises when they start depending on that Guru… for answers … pay attention … not for guidance … but for answers all the time.

But instead if you would learn the language while your interactions with your mentor or guru, you will end up learning the language yourself… now that’s transformational.

Because once you learn the principles of the language called love and fear, you can use them both to your advantage and get unstuck from your life’s problems. Yes… we can use both… Love and Fear to our advantage…

So let me share with you a few principles of the language of Love and Fear

  • Love and Fear are not just Emotions … they are a language you use to speak with the universe and more importantly also the language universe / god / your heart uses to speak with you… also know as your inner guidance system, so knowing the language will make you better at listening as well.


  • Love and Fear are not just Emotions … They are a Spectrum of Emotions … or a Vibration of Emotions that cover a variety of emotions in them, for example Love contains happiness, joy, peace, calm etc inside itself and fear contains anger, despair, jealousy, guilt, shame etc in itself.


  • Just like with a language you can speak and listen you can speak and listen to these emotions as well.


  • Love always feels lighter and Fear always feels Heavier.


  • Being in Love Vibration opens up your receiving… what many people call as luck, being in fear closes up your receiving… what people call as being unlucky…





According to a study at the Harvard University, Working women feel more stressed than working men, there are several reasons behind it, but that does not matter, what matters the most is you feel the heat and we get it.

Now we want to help you relax, unwind and come back to life-like the rising sun and we don’t want you to stop there, we want you to learn how you can sustain this art and live life-like the rising sun from now on.

There are ancient secrets which are very simple, yet so very powerful, learning them once can help you live your life in such a way that you become the radiant glowing sun and have a positive effect on the people around you, rather than people around you draining your energy.

Imagine being able to live such a life, a life free-flowing, getting things done with ease and in harmony with everyone around you… I know it might sound close to impossible now, but trust me it is not, if you look at your life you must have experienced glimpses of such moments in your life, where everything is in harmony,everything you want to get done in a day, gets done and you still feel fresh, not drained at all, but only if you understood how it happens?, you would repeat it day after day right?.

what if, I told you: there is a science and you can learn the basics of that science in just one day and start living a life with ease, joy and glory.

We invite you to join us in our one day workshop “Allowing Love With Sound” In this workshop not only will you learn the science of living like the rising sun, you will also have the chance to experience it with the help of Sound.

During the Workshop we will have you experience the power of Tibetan singing bowls being performed by two of the best sound healers in India – Amandeepti.

In their own words: Sound has the capacity to affect the physical body at the cellular level and induce relaxation, it has the power to shake the emotional body to release stress and helps you get closer to your soul.

Experience three Sound Healing Sessions during the workshop each worth Rs.2500/-

for details about the Workshop Call us Now: 9959748484 (Monish) OR 9871084728 (Deepti)

About the Presenters:

Monish is a Meditation Teacher since 17 Years and a Professional Alternative Medicine Practitioner since a decade, He has traveled over 15 Countries to help people heal themselves.

Aman is an Agricultural Scientist by profession and one of the best Sound Healers in India by Passion.

Deepti is a Professional Alternative Medicine Practitioner for over a decade and practices various forms of healing modalities like Breathwork, Innerchild work, Past Life Regression and is one of the best Sound Healers in India.

Aman & Deepti are Co-Founders of Meditate. Celebrate-Life Center in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi.

I have attended Aman-Deepti sound meditation several times. And each time it is phenomenal and enriching. An individual experiences deeper realms in their meditations, and I Have. I am transported to higher levels of consciousness and experience complete relaxation. Just recently Aman’s flute transported me to Vrindavan. I have never been there but the bliss was extraordinary and made me feel being there.. Truly amazing.
The duo has a long way to go in bringing harmony and subduing cacophony in life.

  • Shyamala.V
  • IT.Consultant, New Delhi.

Guruji, as I call Monish, has played a very important role in my spiritual journey. Monish has been a dear friend and a guide over the years. I know him for many years now since the time I first met him when when he conducted my PLR sessions. 

I have turned to him for advise on several important ocassions over the years. The reason I call him”Guruji” is because he seems to have an answer or rather spiritiual solutions to the many issues I have dealt with. As a friend he is absolutely wonderful and a delight to spend time with. 

Dear Monish I truly am thankful to you for the guidance and the sessions you undertook for me. The ease with which breakthrough was achieved is remarkable. I know you have a gift and you should share it with the world.

All the very best.

  • Nikhil.
  • Businessman, Bangalore.


when looking at these two words you might think, whats the difference both of these words mean the same thing : Motivation | Inspiration.

The answer is NO, they both are not the same thing and definitely do not mean the same thing either. In essence they both work from a very different energy and feel very different as well.


Motivation is what we get, or buy from the outside world, it is more like a desire, we have to give ourselves reasons or reminders to stay motivated, we have to keep remembering what motivated us, the story we chose to believe, it is filled with effort.

The path of motivation is filled with struggle, stress, effort, in one way or the other, you need to put a lot of energy in order to stay motivated, so that you do not feel the brunt of it, and at every mistake you make there is a lot of despair, many a times accompanied by a lot of guilt and shame on our part, or the feeling of… not being good enough because you are not able to do it as someone else.

Because motivation is basically being a copycat, you look at some Idea, something someone is doing and is very successful at doing it, so you think to yourself, if I do it, I will be successful too, and then you start doing it, every time you are faced with a road block, you turn to books, or to observe that person what did he do in a situation like this, why is this ? because the Origin of a motivation is from the mind, it will have all the characteristics of mind only, it can do no better. Mind always seeks answers outside of you.

Because mind basically functions from fear, and the focus point of fear is always outside, the moment the focus point of mind turns inside that is when it converts into Love, and Love is what Inspiration is because the focus of energy in Love is Inside.

In motivation the end goal is the most important thing, the means to reach it does not really matter, which means the journey does not matter, only the end goal does, this is the reason there is so much stress in the world, parents are not worried what their kid is going though on a daily basis, all they are interested in is the report card, that comes at the end of the year, how many marks did you get? this fills the life of a kid with stress, we kill their inspiration, they were born with.


And those children who get used to this mindset, grow up and get into jobs, jobs that pay you high, whether its something that interests you or not, so in childhood you studied for marks and now you are working for the paycheck at the end of the month.

There are a few lucky ones in here as well, those who studied because they loved it, and those who are working in the job they Love to do, if you look at them, they are not stressed, but they are not motivated either, they work from a different energy, that’s ‘Inspiration’.


Inspiration, is what I like to call as in-spirit-action, it comes from your heart, there is no learning required in inspiration, all that is required is the courage to follow the instructions that come to you as and when they do. Learning happens on the way, it is the path.

Normally inspired people never doubt them selves, because they have learned the art of trusting themselves and their ideas, where as people who need motivation, need it (motivation) in the first place because they do not trust themselves.


The beauty of inspiration is, when you act from inspiration it is effortless, not that you do not put any effort, but while you are putting in the effort, you are feeling joy, where as when you act from motivation, you have to push yourself by reminding yourself, what you will get at the end of the journey, where as in inspiration, you enjoy the journey so much you just want to keep going, which ultimately not only makes you reach your goal, it takes you above and beyond your goal, even without you knowing the effort.

Inspired people are usually very calm, and they have a similar effect on the people around them, they experience more of what is called as serotonin (also known as the well being hormone) in their body, on the other hand motivated people are usually in a hurry, stressed and people around them can sense it too, they also experience the rush of adrenaline (stress hormone) in their body.


what do the release of these chemicals define for your body, it defines, that people who are motivated probably do not get a good sleep in the night, where as inspired people sleep like a baby.

Do not think that Motivation does not get you ‘success’ (as defined by the gathering or possession of material gains or name and fame) , you will find a lot of people who live life of motivation are successful, meaning a lot of money, big house, popular etc,.

What I am talking about here is not whether you can become successful with motivation or not, the Idea is both of these energies, motivation and inspiration get you to where you want to go, but one is based on fear and the other is based on love, so the person going through his/her life feeling motivated, will experience all sorts of emotions related to fear like stress, anxiety, worry etc. On the other hand a person living their life through inspiration will experience all kinds of emotions related to love like joy, contentment, peace etc.,

It is like going from India to Australia on a flight, a person traveling in fear energy will experience delays, frustration, fights for their own seat, stress etc,. on the journey. On the other hand a person traveling in love energy will experience joy of flying, flight on time, special upgrade to first class etc,. on their journey… at the end of the day if you look at them from outside, both of them reached their destination, but one is refreshed at the end of it, while the other is… you get the picture.

One more thing: it is not that the person experiencing life in love energy (inspiration) will never get flight delays, but it will only be a blessing in disguise for them and not frustrate them.

Now you might be thinking… how do I figure out do I live from Motivation or Inspiration here are a few ways to find out…

for those who figured it out already congratulations!!! you can directly scroll down to the end of this page and please share this article with your friends.

While those of you who like to understand a bit more below are a few guidelines…


  1. On the energy level there is one way a very clear way to find out the difference between Motivation and Inspiration, and that is using your feelings: Motivation will feel ‘heavy‘, where as Inspiration will feel ‘light‘. think of it like a red light or green light, when ever you are thinking of something or planning to do something, and it feels ‘heavy’, its a red light meaning you need to do some thinking still. where as if it feels ‘light’, its a green signal, drive away.
  2. if its motivation, You ‘HAVE TO’ give a lot of reasons for yourself to do it, but if its Inspiration, you will look forward to it, like Steve Jobs said: Your dreams need to pull you out of your bed not push you. Let Inspiration pull you towards living your life and not push you to experience your life.
  3. Motivation is mostly copied, its somebody else’s idea you stole, and you are simply copy pasting it in your life, no creativity there. Whereas Inspiration is always original. You might have got this idea by looking at someone else’s work, but it becomes original when you get pulled towards it and you make it better.
  4. Motivation seems like a lot of effort, Inspiration is Effortless.
  5. You need reminders (motivation), You do not need reminders (inspiration) because you never forget it.
  6. It feels like work (motivation), it is playful (Inspiration).
  7. You always follow a plan, no room for change(motivation), You follow the plan but surprises are welcomed too.
  8. I have to win at all costs (motivation), win-win is the key (Inspiration)
  9. You try to motivate others by showing them the end of the road (motivation), You inspire others by asking questions to be honest with them selves so they become more clear in knowing why they are doing, what they are doing (inspiration)
  10. You tell yourself what to do, You ask yourself what to do.


Quick Cheat Sheet: Motivation VS Inspiration

Motivation Inspiration
Will feel ‘heavy‘. Will feel ‘light‘.
I have to do this, I have to Win, at all costs. I love doing this, so should others, win-win.
Copy Paste the Idea. How do I better this Idea.
Lot of effort goes into, I work very hard. It’s effortless, I enjoy my work.
I always forget, its frustrating. I always remember, its easy.
I need a plan to succeed, no room for errors. I plan and flow, mistakes help me grow, I am successful.
I have to do this. What should I do now?

Now if you are thinking what can you do to increase Inspiration in your life, here is what I recommend:

  1. Learn the art of inquiry, at any crucial decision making time ask your self, how does this feel? Heavy or Light?. For example: what Ice cream should I eat now? Vanilla or chocolate? which one feels light?
  2. Develop the practice of Meditation, helps you experience the feeling of ‘light’ and the feeling of ‘effortlessness’ with your eyes closed, so you can differentiate it when you are living your life with open eyes.
  3. Read books or watch videos that help you understand your true nature which is ‘light’. books by authors like: Louise hay, Abraham Hicks, Bruce Lipton, Wayne Dyer, Richard Bach, OSHO, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Parmahamsa Yogananda, Monish Dhawan, and many many more.

May you find your Inspiration in Life.

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and those who need help in finding Inspiration for yourself or your organization get in touch with me.

Be G(o)od,

Monish Dhawan.


P.s: For those of you who are in Delhi do look at this Page I am coming to Delhi this June 17th 2017 for my Workshop : Click Here


Past Life – why?

This is the Most Common question I get asked, as soon as I introduce myself as a PLR Practitioner or a Past Life Therapy Expert.

and the answer is no, there is no need to get a regression done… just the way you wouldn’t buy a medicine for fun similarly you would not need a Past Life Therapy.

Having said that … I do get clients who come to me for a Past Life Therapy, just because they are curious, not for fun … but curiosity, there is a reason for that, will share with you in a while.

So the real question is not: what is the need for Past Life Therapy, but… when would I need it or which areas of my life can it help me in? Now that’s an even better question.

The answer to that is… Past Life Therapy can help you resolve the following issues.

It can help you resolve health issues: I have had clients where doctors have told them, they cannot help them any more, or that there is just no hope left for them and someone told them why don’t you try Past Life Therapy? and suggested them my name, and when we did the session they realize that the Dis-ease existed in their body because they haven’t forgiven some one, or is carrying a grudge on some one, many a times in the present life itself, but they had become so ignorant about it that they had convinced them selves that holding on to that grudge or not forgiving that person was the right thing to do.

Some people carry grudges from Past lives as well and have similar dis-ease experiences as well.

Relationship Issues: I once had a client whose concern was not able to get married, by the time she reached me 2 of her engagements had got broken for no specific reason, she was good looking,in her prime, very healthy, belonged to a affluent family, willing to give good enough dowry but still for some strange reason the engagements were being broken just a few days before marriage.

Now when you have such a strange problem where do you go? someone told her, go talk to Monish he might be able to help you, and she came to me, I suggested Past Life Therapy, to find the Root Cause of her problem, it took us three sessions to get to the root cause, but once we did, we discovered a very strange reason for her not getting married, her core belief that she was carrying from one of her past lives was ” I am not beautiful ” .

In this life she did not have any such ideas consciously, but this is something she was carrying from her Past Life, let me remind you she was good looking girl. The good news is, once she was able to figure out what was the core issue and resolve it with the help of PLR, she was very much relieved and six months later invited me to her wedding. now you must be thinking did it work out ? if I am writing about it… Yes … the answer is yes she did get married.

Past Life Regression (PLR) or Past Life Therapy can also be used to resolve other Issues like : Financial Problems, anxiety issues, Depression, Insomnia, Fears and Phobias… I will write in detail about them in my next article.

This is what I always tell my clients and people I meet, Life is your Feedback System, it will always only show you what You truly are inside.

Thereby if anything is troubling you, make sure to check out what is the thought you might be carrying about it. many a times you can figure out what the real thought is in your meditations it self, many a times your dreams give you the guidance, but because we never consider these resources to be powerful, mostly because trusting our own selves is one of the most difficult things in our lives, there by we seek external help, which is okay too, buy all external help should only lead to us learning to trust our inner guidance for it has all the answers we need.

So if you have anything troubling your Life these days, before going to sleep do this: Close your eyes and think about the problem that is pressing upon you in those days, then say to your self or any higher power you believe in, Please send me a Dream Message, in the Message send me guidance or help me resolve this issue, and go to sleep, after you wake up the next morning, before your open your eyes, try and recall your dreams, try not to shake your body so much, and you will be able to recall your dream.

I have found that it takes not more than three days of persistence to get the answer we are looking for or to resolve an issue.

Try it and let me know how it went for you. my email ID is md (at) monishdhawan.com

Now you might be wondering I never answered why people are curious to see their Past Lives… The answer to that is, many a times we have an issue we are considering trivial or simply ignoring or living in denial of that, but its an important issue to be resolved, this is understood by your super computer also known as your Sub-conscious mind, there by it gives you ideas of curiosity, like making you attracted to books on PLR or reading articles about it and stuff, and one day you say to yourself, let me see and you goto a Past Life Regression Practitioner, and guess what … you suddenly become aware of that issue and get help to resolve it.

And some times the Curiosity is just to have an experience of your Past Life as a part of your spiritual growth, it is rare but it happens.

If you found this article helpful please share it with your friends who you think might need it. and if you like to reach me you can always email me here: md (at) moishdhawan (dot)com.


Disclaimer: All Therapies mentioned on this website do not replace the need of your doctor, if you have any physical health issues or Mental health issues do seek Medical Guidance first.