monish dhawan

Your friend. philosopher. guide.

I am a Professional Alternative Medicine Practitioner and have been practicing for almost a decade now. I Practice many healing modalities to give personal sessions in Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, Breathwork, Family Constellation, Goal Mapping, Meditation and Ho’opnopono,.

 I have been teaching and spreading the knowledge of meditation since the age of 18  and have guided thousands to mediate and transform their lives.

I live in Hyderabad, India. But travel across the world to offer Personal sessions as well as Workshops. Feel free to reach out to me for any kind of support you need in your life, even if you just need someone to listen to you pour your heart out or would like to resolve a particular issue. I am here.

I have written two books so far ‘The Positive Book’ & ‘World Peace and how to make it Happen – A Practical Guide’… at present I am working on my third book. You can purchase my books by clicking on the link here:


I met Monish, at the beginning of my “way”, so I call it because it turned out that before in my life I hadn’t been on my path. When I met Monish I wasn’t ready yet but this stimulus was needed to open my eyes. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and the same in case of Monish.
He has beautiful eyes and a gentle voice. As a rule I do not trust people but i trusted him in our first appointment.
He was first who explained me that there is no need to be afraid of the world and others. We have had many conversations, it is a real friend and even more, because he can understand you more than you do yourself, helps you peek into Your heart .
He always listens and always is helpful no matter in which situation you are, never judges you.
Monish is simply gorgeous and I am thankful of his whole heart, every smile, every single word that let me to see the real ME.
I discovered true magic. Thank you.

  • Kate,
  • Poland.

Guruji, as I call Monish, has played a very important role in my spiritual journey. Monish has been a dear friend and a guide over the years. I know him for many years now since the time I first met him when when he conducted my PLR sessions. 

I have turned to him for advise on several important ocassions over the years. The reason I call him”Guruji” is because he seems to have an answer or rather spiritiual solutions to the many issues I have dealt with. As a friend he is absolutely wonderful and a delight to spend time with. 



When I met Monish I din’t really understand and know much about his work. We had two sessions and long and interesting conversations.  The conversation felt like it was never going to end. So many topics and questions I wanted to talk about.
Monish talk me about the “invisible Armor” I was carrying. The mechanisms and strategy I use to avoid getting “hurt”.
Now I feel much lighter and brighter.
His energy, love and smile showed me the path into a spiritual awareness. 
This experience was really rewarding,
“be the change you want to see in the world”

Love from portugal! Pedro

  • Pedro, Chef
  • Portugal.

Dear Monish I truly am thankful to you for the guidance and the sessions you undertook for me. The ease with which breakthrough was achieved is remarkable. I know you have a gift and you should share it with the world.

All the very best.


  • Nikhil.T,
  • Businessman,
  • Bengaluru

During a session with Monish I had an incredible experience where I discovered how I came to the planet (originally emitted from source) and split into two souls. It was one of the most extraordinary regression experiences I’ve ever had. This wild regression somehow made sense to a very challenging relationship I was having. Understanding that I had met my soul twin put all the intense happenings in my life into a new meaning. Monish held a really safe and non judgemental space in order for me to dive in so deeply and recover this huge gift of my soul. I highly recommend getting a regression with Monish.

  • Amelía Aeon Karris
  • Author, Founder of Know The Self Mystery School, USA

MONISH… How can I describe what it meant, and still means to me, meeting you. I can sum it up to: THANK YOU!

You came into my life like a force of nature, a positive wind blowing life in every part of my life. From breathing exercises to meditation through intense past life regressions into healing rebirth and intellectual learning during Workshops.

With you it all became simple, easy and fun. You lead by example and share a lot of yourself. It is truly inspiring and insightful. Working with you was the best three months of my life. It was like taking a journey inside myself.

I felt you saw the real me and with gentle reminders, demanding processes and positive energy you helped me to bring it out.

I learned I can take charge of my own life, and fully accept my being. I also learned that I am responsible for releasing my illusions and living in love, light and happiness.

Just like a glowing star you combine the wisdom old as the Universe with brilliant insight of today, and are able to apply it on any personal learning and growth, right here, right now and forwards. Together we could easily talk about anything and through laughter and tears we sparked creative ideas. For all of this, and for you letting me be a part of your journey I am forever grateful.

You have a remarkable gift Monish, keep healing the World.


  • Susanne.K
  • Artist &
  • Full time Mother, Stockholm.